An Overview:

Frii electronic cigarette is a premier electronic cigarette brand, which is known to manufacture starter kits, electronic cigarette accessories as well as all possible products linked to the smokeless niche. These products are considered imperative for an e cigarette smoker. As per the company representative, Frii e cigarettes are considered essential in a smoker’s arsenal because they are a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes, they are way cheaper than regular cigarettes, they allow smokers to smoke anywhere and also because, they lessen the urge to smoke cigarettes.

The Frii flavors are plenty and smokers have the option of choosing from amidst Coffee, Tobacco, Cherry, Vanilla, Menthol and Strawberry. This brand also manufactures several essential electronic cigarette accessories such as an extra battery, a special carry case, a car charging unit, a USB adaptor, a wall charger and a USB PassThrough. All these accessories are available at highly affordable rates.

Starter Kits:

Frii electronic cigarettes are offering four different kinds of starter kits for smoking enthusiasts the world over.

Frii Basic Starter Kit: The Frii Basic Starter Kit is ideally best suited for those smokers who would like to get started with electronic cigarettes. This kit includes a lithium ion battery, a wall adaptor, a wall charger, five nicotine cartridges, a user manual and a USB PassThrough. The price of the Basic Starter Kit is $79.95.

Frii Deluxe Starter Kit- Frii Deluxe Starter Kit is ideally suited for those smokers who would like to take up electronic cigarettes as their permanent source of satisfying their nicotine cravings. This kit includes two lithium ion batteries, a USB charger, a wall adaptor, a USB PassThrough, a user manual as well as a pack of five nicotine cartridges. The price of this starter kit is $99.95.

Frii Premier Starter Kit- Frii Premier Starter Kit is the ultimate starter kit, which is undoubtedly meant for the serious smoker. This kit includes two lithium ion batteries, a wall adaptor, a USB PasssThrough, a USB charger, a special carry case, a user manual as well as a pack of ten nicotine cartridges. The price of this starter kit is $129.95.

Frii Express Kit- The Frii Express Kit is undoubtedly the smallest and the most compact kit to have been manufactured by this brand. This kit includes a nicotine cartridge, a USB charger and a lithium ion battery. This kit is best suited for those individuals who wish to try puffing an e cigarette for the very first time. The price of this starter kit is $39.95 but for a limited time period, this kit is being offered at a special price of $19.95.

The Frii Disposable Electronic Cigarette:

Frii e cig brand is also indulged in manufacturing disposable electronic cigarettes, which apparently are a handy device for those smoking enthusiasts who would like to dispose off their electronic cigarettes, once they are over. The Disposable electronic cigarettes manufactured under the Frii banner allow the smoker to puff over 350 times in a single go, which implies that smokers can actually relish their e cigarette for a considerable time before disposing it off in a trash can and using the next one.

The Final Verdict:

As per the elite review panel at, the Frii starter kits as well as e cig accessories seem to be high in quality and low in pricing, yet in a bid to ascertain the true metal of these smokeless devices, smokers are encouraged to try them first hand.