An Overview:

Gamucci is an electric cigarette brand that was established in the year 2007, with the single minded aim of providing a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes. It also happened to be the first electronic cigarette brand to be established in Europe. As per the company spokesperson, Gamucci happened to be the first brand, which had developed the concept of disposable electronic cigarettes. The technology used here is patented and the products manufactured here are sold in over 55 countries worldwide. In fact, the toxicological tests of all the products manufactured here are carried out in the United Kingdom. These tests have proven that e cigarettes are a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes.

Starter Kits:

Gamucci Micro Starter Kit- This kit is priced at 18.95 pounds and it includes an improved 240 mAh battery, a USB charger and a high density cartomizer. All these are enclosed in a specially designed blister pack. The battery is high powered and it allows smokers to puff over 375 times on a single recharge. Even the cartomizer is known to last 375 times, which in turn permits even heavy smokers to feel at ease. As per the company spokespersons, the cartridge is long lasting and it is equivalent to two packs of traditional cigarettes. Huge vapor production is also a highlight of this starter kit.


Gamucci Deluxe Micro Starter Kit- This kit is pegged at 39.95 pounds. The Deluxe Micro Starter Kit contains two high power rechargeable batteries, an adaptor, a USB battery charger, a carry case, a pack of cartomizers, a mains power and a user manual. The high density batteries provide over 375 puffs to smokers and these starter kits are compatible with EU plugs. High vapor production is also the highlight of this brand, which in turn permits even a hardcore smoker to feel at ease while puffing on Gumacci electronic cigarettes.


The Gamucci Mini Cartomizers

Also known as the high density cartomizers, the Micro cartomizers from Gamucci are known to be quite spectacular in terms of their performance. There are twenty two products under this category and these cartomizers are compatible with all kinds of Gamucci micro starter kits. These cartomizers are high density devices, which allow smokers to puff over 375 times at a single go. The vapor production of these cartomziers is really huge and each cartomizer is known to be equivalent to two packs of regular cigarettes. They are also available in various flavors as well as strengths.


Gamucci Disposable E Cigarettes

The disposable electronic cigarettes manufactured by Gamucci are available in two varieties. One is available in a pack of twelve e cigarettes, which in turn is priced at 59.95 pounds and the other one is an individual disposable e cig, which in turn is priced at 5.95 pounds. The disposable electric cigarettes are preferred by those smoking enthusiasts who are traveling a lot and would like to get hold of an electronic cigarette that can be smoked and then thrown into the trash can. Such electronic cigarettes are ideal for those individuals who are not at all interested in the hassle of recharging their batteries or replacing their cartridges once they have finished.

The Final Verdict

Gamucci is a well known e cigarette company, which boasts of high quality starter kits and user friendly electric cigarette accessories. Smokers should try their basic starter kit to get a clear idea about the performance and the taste of their e cigs.