Green Smoke review  has indeed made its mark in the highly competitive world of smokeless cigarettes. This brand has often been considered as a pioneer of sorts in helping people in the United States get acquainted with the concept of smoking cigarettes that are free from tobacco, ash and smoke. At the same time, the numerous delicious flavors which Green Smoke manufactured- helped it become an instant hit with the masses.

green smoke absolute tobacco 

Absolute Tobacco is one such e cigarette flavor which is very popular amongst the masses. Green Smoke reviews too have clearly expressed that the Absolute Tobacco flavors are undoubtedly attracting the likes of smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe (even chain smokers). They taste and feel just like real tobacco, which is a taste that is symbolic to traditional cigarettes. When you smoke e cigs that have been manufactured by this brand and choose the Absolute Tobacco flavor, the company spokespersons guarantee that you would have a thrilling and pleasurable experience, which would leave you craving for more.


An electronic cigarette is a device which needs the use of a refill cartridge to operate. In fact, it operates with the aid of a battery operated device and it is also supposed to be free from the hassles that are attached to traditional cigarettes. The biggest advantage of puffing an e cigarette is the ability to smoke cigarettes daily without actually having to experience the side effects that are usually associated with traditional cigarettes. At the same time, smokers have been known to express their happiness at having to spend less and enjoy more vapor volume using e cigs.