Green Smoke electronic cigarette has always been in the news with regards to the numerous starter kits as well as e cigarette accessories that it has been indulged in manufacturing for a long time period. While the e cig starter kits as well as related electric cigarette accessories are hogging the limelight and making this brand rank amongst the top five in the e-smoking niche, the fact remains that the several attractive offers that this leading brand introduces, allows it to become even more popular amongst the masses.


The latest e cigarette offer that Green Smoke has introduced is the Halloween Bonanza. According to this, Green Smoke reviews have stated that all smoking enthusiasts would now be eligible for a 13% discount. Apparently, this sale offer started on October the 21’st and it is all set to continue till the Halloween Day, which is October the 31’st. According to the company spokespersons, this e cig brand has decided to provide a 13% discount for the very simple reason that this is a creepy number and also because this number is  symbolic to Halloween.


Even the electric cigarette review posted at Tech-Cigarette has stated that this brand has a lot of potential and that, it also launches new and innovative e cig starter kits as well as accessories on a periodical basis. Besides, the discounted deals, such as his one, never fail to attract the likes of new and veteran smoking enthusiasts. In fact, as per the latest feed-backs on the Halloween Sale, it has been ascertained that the response has been phenomenal and that the products of this e cigarette brand are selling like hot cakes.


All this clearly goes on to prove that the main deciding factor for an electric cigarette brand’s success is the quality of its ingredients as well as the total number of discounted deals that it initiates in a calendar year.