Smoking cigarettes is an act, which has taken the entire world by storm. Ever since the first tobacco cigarette was manufactured, people have taken a fond liking for these chemical filled cigars. As per the latest statistical records, the total number of smokers is all set to cross the two billion mark worldwide. Not only is this giving rise to several chronic ailments, most of which are proving to be life threatening in nature, it is also causing a lot of environmental pollution, as each cigarette releases thousands of highly toxic chemicals in the earth’s atmosphere.

Nonetheless, the most suitable solution to this problem is being considered in the form of an electronic cigarette. An e cigarette is a device which is free from most highly toxic chemicals that are always present in a regular cigarette. At the same time, these devices are smokeless in nature and hence, they are relatively safer for the environment as well. This is basically the main reason why smoking enthusiasts nowadays prefer to quit smoking regular cigarettes and opt for these smokeless devices instead. Apparently, the low pricing of electric cigarettes is also a plus point for smokers as they can now hope to save their hard earned money from getting unnecessarily spent on the purchase of cigarette.

March 22’nd is nowadays being celebrated as the International World Vaping Day. This was the first year, when such an elaborate celebration took place and it was spearheaded by the electronic cigarette society. The main reason behind celebrating this day was to highlight the importance of puffing an electronic cigarette and to educate smokers who are seeking to quit smoking regular cigarettes, with each and every vital aspect of an electronic cigarette. It has been reported that millions of smokers the world over have tried but failed miserably in their quest to quit smoking regular cigarettes and seek a safer alternative instead. This is when an e cig comes into picture.

There have been several studies that have reported the positive impacts of e cigs in helping smokers choose a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. While an e cigarette does contain ample amounts of nicotine, the fact remains that it does not contain the thousands of harmful chemicals, which are always present in tobacco cigars. The lack of chemicals in an e cig makes this device safer when compared to traditional cigarettes and this is one of the main reasons why even die hard chain smokers are opting to use e cigs instead of tobacco cigarettes.

Another reason why the International World Vaping Day was celebrated on March 22’nd was to make people aware of the overall functionality of an e cigarette. As many smokers are still unaware of how an e cigarette functions, such an awareness program shall answer most of their questions and remove all their doubts permanently. It is also interesting to note that an e cig does not contain carcinogens. A carcinogen is a substance which is known to cause cancer in human beings and it is found in large quantities in a regular cigarette.