When we purchased to review the Instead electronic cigarette, it appeared no different to us than those run on the mill e-cigarettes, newer versions of which pop up and fade away every day in the vapor smoking niche. We expected the Instead E-Cigarette kit to contain the usual 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, USB adapters, charger and cartridges. But what we actually got with the Instead starter kit in reality was awe-inspiring to say the least! Here, take a look at the contents of the shipment that I received:

Ø  A USB charger

Ø  Two atomizers

Ø  Two rechargeable lithium batteries

Ø  One 4”W x 5”L x 1 1/2”D Stash Tin

Ø  A velvet stash pouch

Ø  USB Adapter

Ø  One bottle of American made E-liquid (15 ml.)

Ø  5 cartridges

Ø  Zip locks and plugs for cartridges

We even got to choose between 6 exotic e-liquid flavors like cherry, menthol, tobacco, vanilla, coffee and peach (I ordered the classic tobacco flavor in varied strengths though, so as to get a better idea of the taste and strength)! And all that from the standard pack of Instead e-Cigs- all for $95.99! I must say I was impressed and asked the reviewers to try this one out on a priority basis. I was dying to know if the packaged contents live up to the expectations that the shipment had created in me! The reviewers tried it and each of them was 100% satisfied with Instead! Thank goodness, this one had lived up to the enthusiasm it had created.

Another interesting aspect about the Instead e-Cigs that I forgot mentioning to you in the beginning is that it does not come with traditional cartridges which need to be bought every now and then. Instead, Instead electronic cigarette comes with a bottle of e-liquid smoke juice (as you may have noticed in the kit contents’ list) which can be used to refill several cartridges at once at home- all by yourself!

The good things didn’t end there! Here’s an excerpt from the manufacturer’s official website:

Ingredients: USP grade propylene glycol, FCC grade vegetable glycerin, USP grade glycerol, distilled water, nicotine (not in zero), natural flavors, artificial flavors, citric acid”. It felt good find at least some brand manufacturers who could tell the buyers exactly what went into their produce! The official Instead electronic cigarette website, in a one-of-its-kind effort also contains a detailed report of the Instead e-liquid testing for the user’s satisfaction. Now we certainly couldn’t escape noticing and getting floored by such a safe product!