Without a shadow of a doubt, most people (at least adults and of course alcoholics), may have overheard the term alcohol hangover, which apparently can be described as a feeling wherein the concerned individual is unable to use his body to perform basic functions that require the use of energy and the human head feels as though a thousand tiny hammers are being struck within the insides of the skull with precise precision. When an alcoholic gets up in the morning and is reeling under the aftereffects of a hangover, the first thing that comes to his mind is to fetch a glass of water and gulp in a couple of pain relievers along with it.

What is a Cigarette Hangover?

Believe it or not but even smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe suffer from similar after effects, when they have been smoking tobacco cigarettes for a prolonged time period. When smokers light up a traditional tobacco filled cigarette, they are polluting their bodies by stuffing in over 4000 harmful chemicals that are always present in regular cigarettes. Thereafter, it takes less than an hour for the hangover to kick in as the chemicals take some time to show their after effect. Once that happens, smokers usually rush to their medicine cabinet and opt for an aspirin or any other pain relieving drug in order to ensure that they feel better.

When you smoke a traditional tobacco filled cigarette, you are actually rolling up a cigarette that is laden with bleach, ammonia, herbicides, pesticides, carpet glue and even insecticides. These is what you hold in front of your mouth- light it with the aid of a match and then inhale as well as exhale the smoke dozens of times before throwing the spent cigarette into a bin. One of the main reasons why cigarette manufacturing laboratories started making use of ammonia in their cigarettes was because ammonia allows the nicotine content present in a tobacco cigarette to hit the human brain as well as the heart in as less as three seconds.

Tobacco Cigarette Smoking

When nicotine hits the human brain and heart, the body’s dopamine levels tend to rise rapidly, thereby allowing you to feel elated, de-stressed as well as pepped. These feelings of relaxation and elation may differ from one individual smoker to another, as each smoker has his/her own unique way of taking a drag (some smokers take a small drag and experience prolonged happiness, while others are used to taking short puffs and feeling slightly less elated). In case you are habitual of smoking a pack of cigarettes daily, you need to avail central nervous system hangover relief at the earliest given opportunity else you shall lose all control over your health, positive control of mind, as well as your will to make a wise decision.

Cigarette Hangover Remedy

In order to keep yourself healthy, you need to ensure that you get hold of a personalized PH testing kit, which in turn costs a meager $12. While the process takes a few hours and in certain cases a few weeks, the fact remains that the human being needs to remain in an alkaline state, in order to get over the cigarette hangover completely. For this, you may need to change your eating, drinking as well as dietary patterns to a great extent. In fact, it has also been suggested that occupying the mind in a positive activity such as regular exercising, can also prove beneficial for allowing the cigarette hangover to be fully cured and in certain cases, this positive change in the lifestyle can help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes permanently.

An alkalized body is the most suitable cure for allowing smokers to attain the required mental as well as physical ability to remain smoke free. By consuming natural spring water, foods that have an organic origin, as well as natural herbs, can allow smokers to feel at ease as these food items can actually allow the dopamine levels to increase rapidly. When the serotonin levels in the human body are increased with the aid of such food items, you can be rest assured that you shall start to feel less dependent on nicotine for feeling elated and relaxed. Some smokers are also of the opinion that by consuming dark chocolate, they can actually allow their mind to feel elated and happy.

If you feel that by opting for cessation products such as gum, patches as well as pills, you can actually rid yourself of your smoking habit, you need to reconsider your decision. The fact remains that all these devices simply aim at focusing on getting your body adjusted to nicotine. They do not focus on any other aspect related to tobacco cigarette side effects that your body may have been subjected to undergo during your smoking tenure. While cocaine and heroin have been considered as the world’s most addictive drugs, nicotine is definitely the third most addictive substance in the world. This is one of the main reasons why smokers who quit smoking regular cigarettes after facing a probable near death experience, start to smoke cigarettes after a maximum lay off period of six months or less.

How About an Electronic Cigarette?

It has also been noticed that the total number of smokers are increasing by each passing day and it would not be long before they cross the two billion mark. Hence, an electronic cigarette, which is a device that operated on a battery and a nicotine delivery mechanism, is supposed to be the most effective means of fulfilling the nicotine urge in smokers without forcing them to inhale harmful toxins as well as carcinogens in the act. An e cigarette is free from chemicals, carcinogens and it does not give rise to tar, ash and the highly offensive second hand smoke. Nonetheless, proper nutrition, mental care, regular exercise, behavioral modification and knowledge are required to allow smokers to get over their smoking addiction for ever.