E cigarette smoking is considered highly beneficial when compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes. While these devices are slowly but steadily overtaking tobacco cigarettes, the ways how they can benefit you are still unknown. Let us find out just how electronic cigarettes prove beneficial for you as well as for your environment.

A Better Alternative

E cigs are considered a better alternative to tobacco for the very simple reason that they do not contain tar, give out no smoke and do not lead to second hand smoke. Some electronic cigarettes are equipped with safety mechanisms which help you control your nicotine consumption as well. A chip installed in the battery can actually help switch it off in case you have crossed the limit of your predetermined nicotine consumption level. Besides, you have the advantage of choosing your nicotine levels while smoking these devices. Most top brands offer 0mg nicotine cartridges as well. This definitely spoils you for choices.

You Save Your Hard Earned Money

When you sit down and compare the cost of purchasing a regular cigarette with the cost of purchasing an electronic cigarette refill cartridge, you would realize that you end up saving 75% of your original cost in the act. As compared to the US average of $7.20 which you spend on purchasing a pack of regular cigarettes, you spend just $3 on an average, on an e cig refill. This is really a great opportunity for the budget conscious consumers who simply aspire to smoke tobacco free cigarettes and save their hard earned money while doing so.

Ability to Smoke in “No-Smoking” Zones

As an e cigarette is devoid of tobacco and does not produce smoke, you have the distinct advantage of smoking it just about any place you desire. Unlike regular cigarettes which are banned from being smoked in public, you may smoke e cigs even in public places. So, regardless of whether you are traveling in an airplane or shopping for clothes in a local store, no one can legally stop you from smoking an electric cigarette. Also besides eliminating the disgusting smokers breath, electric cigarettes never stain your teeth and make them yellow. As they do not emit harmful smoke like tobacco cigarettes do and leave behind no tar or ash, they can be smoked in full public view as well.

Taste Just Like Regulars

An electronic cigarette has almost the same length and width as that of a regular cigarette. Besides, they provide the same “nicotine-hit”, which tobacco smoke is known to deliver. When you smoke, a small LED light located at its tip glows and allows others to realize that you are smoking and the puff of cloud which emits from the corners of your mouth when you smoke an e cig is in reality, harmless water vapor.

So, if you also want to get your hands on the best electronic cigarette brands and join the crusade against a tobacco free world, switch to e cigarettes instead of the regular ones TODAY.