An electronic cigarette is a device which is smokeless in nature and completely free from tobacco. It is smoked not in the traditional manner but in a slightly unique fashion which in turn can also be considered symbolic to its name. Apparently, you smoke an e cigarette by simply charging the battery, which again is completely rechargeable in nature and then screwing the battery to the long cylindrical shaped device that contains an atomizer and a cartridge filled with e-liquid.

electronic cigarette features

While e cigarettes have many features to its benefit, the main advantage of smoking e cigs is that they are completely free from second hand smoke. Without a shadow of a doubt, when you smoke these devices, you would notice tiny clouds emitting from the corners of your mouth. Apparently, these small clouds are not comprised of toxic fumes but the cloud is simply harmless water vapor, which in turn emits when the e-liquid is ignited by the atomizer and then transformed into harmless water vapor. Besides, these devices can be smoked everywhere.

Another benefit which needs a special mention with regards to e cigs is that these devices do not contain any trace of tobacco content. As they are free from tobacco, the chances of you contracting the usual diseases and ailments related to tobacco consumption are completely nullified. Apparently, tobacco is considered to be a silent killer and is known to be responsible for one in every ten deaths the world over, on an annual basis. Most of these deaths come in the form of cancer, cardiac arrests or diseases that are directly related with the respiratory tract of the concerned individual.

Another feature of e cigarettes is that they are cheaper when compared to traditional cigarettes. Without a shadow of a doubt, the cost of smoking a regular cigarette is three times more than the cost of smoking an electric cigarette. In fact, if you consider the annual cost of smoking e cigarettes to the annual cost of spending on regular cigarettes, you would realize that when you opt for electric cigarettes, you actually end up saving 75% of your hard earned money. This is a miraculous saving proposition for the budget conscious smoker.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the fact remains that unless and until you have an idea on how e cigs function and their main features, you would never really be able to realize the immense benefits of smoking these when compared to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.