A hilarious incident at a local shopping mall sparked a debate when two security officers tried to stop a man from smoking an electric cigarette while he was shopping for shoes. Interestingly, none of the guards was aware of the fact that you can smoke an electric cigarette in public places. It was only later when the store manager intervened that the poor smoker was permitted to continue smoking. Later, the guards apologized and left him alone, shaking their heads at their own ignorance towards the basic e cig smoking laws.

The main reason why the smoking ban came into existence was for the simple fact that the government as well as health agencies belonging to several countries did not want the smoke which was generated from the cigarettes to spread into the atmosphere and infect the passive smokers. This is what led tobacco filled cigarettes to be banned from being smoked in public places. Besides the smoke factor, another major reason why tobacco filled cigarettes were banned was to ensure that the harmful tobacco which unleashed hundreds of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere was stopped from getting spread as these chemicals proved to be the breeding grounds for life threatening cancer, asthma, respiratory diseases as well as several cardiac related diseases. In a nutshell, to simply ensure that the health of each and every individual is kept free from the dangers which are unleashed by smoking a tobacco filled cigarette, the health agencies across the world imposed a worldwide ban on the smoking of tobacco cigarettes.

As addiction is tough to leave, especially with regards to tobacco smoking, the electronic cigarette smoking came into picture and captured the heart of each and every chain smoker the world over. The main reason why an electric cigarette is preferred over tobacco filled cigarettes is simply because it is free from tobacco and produces no smoke. As per scientific research and findings, it was ascertained that E Cigarettes were safe for the human health and as they caused no-smoke, even the environment was kept completely protected at all times. Last but not the least, the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes made sure that they kept the cost of these e cigs lower than the price of smoking tobacco filled cigarettes. The difference between both is substantial and you can actually smoke a month’s supply of most electric cigarettes at one third the price of a month’s supply of the harmful tobacco filled cigarettes.