If you are seriously looking forward to relishing the true flavors of a smokeless cigarette, then Premium e cigs are best suited for you. We were pleasantly surprised that our review panelists were in favor of trying out the diverse starter kits offered by this brand. In their opinion, the wide variety of flavors as well as the diversity of  starter kits offered by this brand were phenomenal in their own respect. In fact, the resultant of their try-out proved to be a phenomenal success, with each and every researcher speaking positively about the starter kits. This is what intrigued us and we tried to find out what exactly made Premium e cigarettes to be such a popular product.

Here’s what we found out:

Premium cigarette kit range starts at an affordable price of $44.95, which is a mere fraction of the price charged by other quality e-cigarette brands.

The consumers have a choice of choosing amidst 7 different types of starter kits.

The Premium range offers more than just e-cigs. There are disposable e-cigarettes, electronic pipes and e-cigars on offer too!

These e-cigs come in 19 flavor variations, which are sure to please all taste buds.

The 5 varying nicotine strength options allow smokers to get that perfect dose of nicotine off their premium e-cigs.

Premium cigarette is highly recommended for the style-conscious too! It comes with battery customization option (both design and color), and various carry-cases to suit all needs.

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Premium electronic cigarettes are perfect for those individuals who would like to make a permanent switch over from traditional cigarettes to e cigs. As you have a wide array of starter kits to choose from, you always have the added benefit of selecting a starter kit, which is in sync with your persona. In fact, this brand also allows you to choose your nicotine levels as well as flavors. This is why this brand is also termed as a robust brand. 

The 30- Day Money Back Guarantee on all Premium Cigarette products makes these purchases worthwhile. After-sales customer support, which otherwise happens to be a grey area with most sites is not an issue with Premium e-cig either. The shipment reached us fairly quickly and was completely hassle-free. After trying the Premium e-cig, we know exactly how true the manufacturer’s webpage boastings of having over 50,000 satisfied customers and an award-winning customer service are.

The overall premium cigarette experience was indeed impressive, and way better than that had with most other e-cig manufacturing brands in the niche. This one certainly gets thumbs up from us!

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Important Updates:

1) Do you know that the Premium Ego Starter Kit is 4 times more powerful?