Brief Overview:

ProSmoke E Cig is a well known brand in the e-smoking niche. This brand also happens to be a top rated e cigarette manufacturer. This implies that the overall quality of its ingredients are worthy of respect. As per the company spokesperson, the mini cig manufactured by ProSmoke happens to boast of the thickest vapor volume in the entire e cigarette niche. This electronic cigarette brand is also known to manufacture its flavors using ingredients which have a vegetable base. The batteries of ProSmoke are also known to last long and they are priced fairly low, so as to ensure that smoking enthusiasts from all over the world can have a fair chance of using them.

The ProSmoke assembling as well as its testing procedure is undertaken in the United States itself and not outside the country. The company also claims that all the products manufactured here are made to undergo stringent quality control tests and that they have all received the required certifications from the concerned government authorities. The biggest advantage of using the cartridges from ProSmoke e cigs is the absence of Propylene Glycol in them. In place of this, the manufacturers use vegetable based ingredients. Non nicotine options are also available.

Starter Kits:

ProSmoke electronic cigarettes manufacture three different kinds of starter kits, besides manufacturing several kinds of e cigarette accessories.

The ProSmoke Starter Kit:

This is the basic starter kit, which is priced at $59.99 and includes two batteries, an atomizer, five cartridges, a USB charger, a wall charger, a special case and a user manual. This kit is best suited for the new smoker.

The ProSmoke Super Starter Kit:

This is a slightly advanced kit and it is priced at $94.99. This kit includes two batteries, an atomizer, a wall charger, a USB charger, a small carry case, four packs of flavored cartridges wherein each pack contains five cartridges, an e cigarette box and a user manual. This kit is ideally suited for the committed smoker.

The ProSmoke Deluxe Starter Kit:

This kit is ideally meant for the serious smoker. It is priced at $104.99 and it includes two batteries, a portable charging case, an atomizer, four packs of flavored cartridges wherein each pack contains five cartridges, a USB charger, a wall charger, a user manual as well as an e cig box.

Main Features of ProSmoke:

The e cigarettes are tested and assembled in the United States.

The e cigs taste like the real cigarettes but are free from smoke, tar and ash.

The batteries are long lasting but are low in terms of pricing.

The Customers using ProSmoke starter kits are a happy lot.

It helps you save money, as e cigs are cheaper than real cigarettes.

It helps promote a healthier living.

The stores are located across the United States.

Final Verdict:

Our verdict for ProSmoke E Cigs is that it is worth a try as it appears to be a promising brand. We suggest that you try their basic starter kit in order to evaluate the taste and the flavor of the e cigs, which are being offered by this brand.