ProVape electric cigarette review is compiled to allow readers to gather vital information pertaining to all the essential aspects linked to this e cigarette brand. While there are several electronic cigarette brands floating in the international market, ProVape happens to be listed amongst the top ranked e cigarette manufacturers to have made an impact in the smoking niche. This brand is manufacturing the mini e cigarette, e-juices, starter kits, accessories and even offering gift certificates to interested smokers.


The ProVari Mini- This is a portable mini cigarette which is powered by a specially designed microprocessor, which in turn has the ability to provide high amounts of vapor content to the smoker at all times. Unlike most e cigarettes, which provide thick vapor volume in the beginning and low vapor volume in the end, the mini e cig is a device, which never compromises on the vapor content and continues to provide thick vapor volume at all times. In fact, the voltage of this mini electronic cigarette can easily be controlled with a simple press of a button. Hence, this device can allow you to adjust the voltage, which in turn remains stable regardless of its battery life.

The Promini Variable Voltage- Just like the mini e cig, this is a longer version of the same device and it permits the concerned smoker to continue puffing on the device at the preset voltage. With the aid of the voltage controlling device present in this e cig, the concerned smoker can easily hope to enjoy a constant supply of voluminous vapor content at all times.

ProVape1– ProVape1 is an e cigarette device, which is being offered at a discount of $40. As compared to the original price of $199.95, this kit is being offered to the interested smokers for a meager $159.95. It includes a cartomizer, an atomizer, a 18490 battery, a 18650 battery, an extension cap and it also comes with an extended one year warrantee, which in turn can be opted for, by the concerned buyer.

Pro Juice- The ProJuice manufactured by this brand is available in a three bottle sampler, a 10ml bottle, a 30ml bottle and a 15ml bottle. These can be used for refilling your cartomizers, direct drips and even your cartridges with utmost ease. While there are several flavors available in this category, the most popular ones include Apple Cheesecake, Aftershock, Almond, Banana Split, Brandy, Blueberry, Cam Tobacco, Cola, Clove, Coffee and Cream, Honey, Health Bar, Latte, Menthol, Raspberry, Neuport, Mimosa, Red Bull, Whiskey Sour, Snick Bar, Very Vanilla and Rootbeer Float.

ProJuice contains vegetable glycerin, Propylene Glycerol, water and nicotine. According to the company spokespersons, addictives are not used while manufacturing the ProJuice flavors. In fact, the nicotine strength too varies and smokers can use either opt for the low 0mg nicotine strength ProJuice bottle or the high, 24mg nicotine strength ProJuice bottle.

ProVape Accessories- The ProVape electric cigarette brand manufactures various kinds of e cig accessories.  Some of the popular ones include the 510 cartomizer, ProTips, the 510 atomizer, zipper bottle, catromizer tank, the AW 14500, the 510 refill cartridge, nylon belt holster, two plug adaptor, 4 stage charger, anti-oxidant thread lubricant and a ProVape carry case.

 The Final Verdict:

The elite review panelists at WhereTheresSmoke are of the opinion that the concerned smoker should always try the basic electronic cigarette manufactured by the ProVape brand in order to get a clear picture regarding the taste as well as flavors offered here.