Smoking cigarettes is a passionate activity for some and most such individuals would do anything and go to any extent to get their hands onto their favorite brand of cigarettes. This includes spending their hard earned money, ensuring that underage teenagers escape the preying eyes of their parents and smoke their favorite brand of cigarettes in an undisclosed location, chain smokers ditching their office or extending their prescribed break sessions to take more time off for smoking cigarettes and some even stealing from their own family members in a bid to be able to satisfy their ever mounting smoking urge. All this has undoubtedly led to a catastrophic situation wherein smokers are simply prepared to break all boundaries in a bid to get their hands onto their favorite brand of cigarettes.


Smoking regular cigarettes is an act which not only empties the pockets of smoking enthusiasts but it also makes them scurry to the nearest medical center to seek assistance from the numerous ailments which usually accompany cigarette smoking. Regular cigarettes are filled with tobacco, which in turn is supposed to be deadly for the human body. Not only does tobacco harm the overall health of an individual, it also damages the health of an individual who has never smoked a single cigarette in his/her life. A life of a non smoker is also in a similar danger as compared to an individual who is habitual of smoking cigarettes. This is simply because of the offensive second hand smoke which tobacco cigarettes emit each time they are lit.


When the topic of discussion is centered on the offensive second hand smoke which emits from regular cigarettes, then it would not be incorrect to state that this smoke is fatal for the human body and it has the ability to take the life of an individual. As per the latest medical reports, it has been confirmed that the offensive second hand smoke has the ability to cause cancers of various forms in the human body. At the same time, it has also been confirmed that a human being, who has been exposed to inhaling the offensive smoke emitting from cigarettes, is susceptible to cardiac failures. Nonetheless, the most common ailment which is found in most individuals is respiratory tract infections, caused mainly by the deadly smoke which is released when an individual lights a cigarette.


Despite being familiar with the dangers involved in smoking regular cigarettes, people continue to smoke these on a daily basis. In fact, as per the latest statistical data, it has been ascertained that the total number of individuals smoking regular cigarettes is rising with each passing day. This implies that more and more smokers are being added to the existing numbers with each passing day. This is not only increasing the total number of individuals suffering from ailments, it is also causing rampant environmental pollution, which keeps on rising with each passing minute. Environmental pollution is caused when the toxic fumes emitting from cigarettes enter the earth’s atmosphere and cause irreversible damage to the environment.


With billions of dollars being spent on an annual basis on healthcare expenditure to curtail chronic ailments arising from ailments caused by tobacco smoking, the need of the hour is to contain smoking of cigarettes so that this fund can be diverted to a more notable cause and thus used for the betterment of the society as a whole. Besides the exorbitant healthcare expenditure which is caused by tobacco smoking, the latest medical statistical report states that one in every ten individuals who die each year are suffering from a disease which has a direct link to the deadly tobacco smoke. This clearly foretells the catastrophic aftermath of smoking cigarettes on both the smoking population as well as non smokers. This is when smoking cigarettes need to be stopped completely.


While quitting smoking is on top of the New Year resolution agenda, it is not so easy to leave smoking and even those who have tried to quit smoking by paying a visit to de-addiction centers, more often than not, start smoking once they have been released from their centers. This is why smoking regular cigarettes needs to be replaced with smoking electronic cigarettes. Not only is an e cigarette free from the offensive second hand smoke, it also permits the smoking enthusiasts to smoke freely in public places. As an electric cigarette is free from tobacco, it is also considered safer for human consumption. Smoking an e cig is therefore the need of the hour and the new year resolution for the year 2012.