The cases of lung cancer have been on a rise ever since people started smoking regular cigarettes on a regular basis and conveniently ignored the importance of leading a healthy existence. It has also been ascertained that not only smokers but even non smokers have been known to suffer from several chronic ailments, which includes the deadly lung cancer disease, as the offensive second hand smoke which emits from cigarettes is laden with harmful carcinogens, which are cancer causing in nature. As per the latest statistical report, it has been established that the sale of non-small cell lung cancer in the Russian federation is expected to cross the $163 million mark by the year 2015.


This is undoubtedly an alarming fact, which has caught the world’s attention and this also highlights the very fact that lung cancer patients now have to spend more money on expensive chemotherapies sessions, which in turn have led to the hike in the prices of several related drugs. In Russia, smoking is rampant and this is one of the main reasons why the total numbers of non-small-cell lung cancer incidences have seen a sharp increment in the recent past. It has therefore been predicted that by the year 2015, the cases of lung cancer would increase greatly and this in turn would force people to consume expensive drugs on a regular basis.

In the European countries, it has been seen that the lung cancer cases are exceptionally high. This is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of lives are worried as the numbers are increasing with each passing day. Apparently, as compared to men, women are supposed to die in larger numbers owing to lung cancer. While there could be several reasons why people are getting infected with lung cancer in Russia, the main reason which is being cited for the same, is the rampant abuse of regular cigarettes. As compared to the past, the present generation is known to consume cigarettes at warp speed and the total number of smokers too has increased drastically. All this has led to the increment in the cases of lung cancer.


Being a cold country, it is considered that by smoking cigarettes in Russia, people are able to remain warm and active. Nonetheless, the fact remains that unless and until an individual is able to maintain his/her health, no device would prove effective in the longer run. Likewise, as per the latest report, which in turn has been approved by medical practitioners, it has been stated that people in Russia are prone to lung cancer especially because they smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. While this is an alarming fact, no one is actually ready to believe that smoking cigarettes could actually be so dangerous for the human body. Nonetheless, this ignorance is slowly but steadily being taken care off by the health department in the Russian republic through several awareness campaigns as well as seminars.

Smoking is a habit which is near impossible to quit. Owing to this very simple reason, people continue to smoke cigarettes on a daily basis despite realizing the harmful consequences, cigarettes have on their bodies. Nonetheless, it has also been reported that despite smokers being stricken from lung cancer, they continue to smoke cigarettes. This is an alarming scenario, which clearly states that cigarette smoking has indeed captivated the entire world and has taken smokers in its grasp permanently. This is when the need to switch over to a safer and a healthier alternative is of utmost importance. Apparently, this has been materialized with the introduction of the electronic cigarette. Not only is an e cigarette free from tobacco, it is also a device which does not include the need for a match. In the absence of a matchstick, you do not require igniting paper and this in turn helps e cigs to become smokeless in nature.


An electric cigarette has been known to capture the attention of smoking enthusiasts the world over for the very simple reason that this device can be smoked freely in public places. At the same time, when compared to smoking regular cigarettes, an electric cigarette costs one third the price. Hence, when you smoke these devices, you are actually saving your hard earned money in the act. At the same time, e cigarettes do not contain carcinogens, which clearly make them safer for human consumption- if we are to compare e cigs with regular cigarettes. With several top brands available in the international market, the fact remains that choices are plenty and this also enables people to continue smoking cigarettes on a regular basis.