Even before its packs were ordered and it was passed on to the reviewers for trials, I was a big fan of the Safe cig. The basis of my preference was simple and clear- The Safe Cig is so very different from the rest. And different, not in the superficial realm where new fancy cigarette flavors, designer cigarette cases and colorful batteries are used to lure customers. Instead, the Safe cig is very basic yet powerfully loaded.

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For one, the flavor of these cigarettes is kept as close as possible to the traditional ignitable cigarettes. So there are no watermelons, cherries or peaches in the offering for customers. But they do get Classic Tobacco which is quite similar to Camel cigarettes, Parliament cigarettes, and the Virginia Slims cigarettes; the Menthol flavor that is comparable to a Newport cigarette or Marlboro Menthol cigarette; and the Marl flavor which is akin to traditional Marlboro cigarette flavor.

Secondly, the Safe cig starter kit is powered with the option of getting not just one or two, but as many as three batteries, which makes the Safe Cig experience blissful for heavy smokers.

Not just that, the Safe cig has a unique two-piece design that allows for better longevity and each cartridge matches up to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes (which makes the Safe cig at least twice as effective as any other cigarette in the world).

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Moving over to the implications of embracing The Safe Cig Starter Kit for the pocket, the prospects are as follows:

Safe Cig Starter Kit, priced at $69.95, comes with one battery unit, one USB charger, a wall adapter and 5 refill cartridges in choicest flavor/strengths.

Safe Cig Starter Kit Pro, priced at $89.95, comprises the contents of Safe Cig Starter Kit + one extra battery unit.

Safe Cig Starter Kit Deluxe, priced at $137.95, comes with three battery units, one USB charger, a wall adapter, a car charger, a safe case and 2 packs of 5 refill cartridges each in choicest flavor/strengths.

Post trials, the reviewing panel was convinced that the Safe Cig smoke gives strong and consistent vapor volume like no other e-cig does. This one is certainly for the no- fluff, quality-conscious smoker.

Here is why we could not help but believe into the lofty quality claims made on The Safe Cig Official Website:

It is one the oldest brand of e-cigarettes in the market, which is still going strong

The manufacturer has solid proof of the product being backed by proper research and engineering, which is up for everyone to view on the safe cig official website

 It is the only e-cigarette that comes in 6 different nicotine levels, for that perfect individual-suited experience.

Probably the only e-cig manufacturer who dares to back his product for not a month or a year, but for a lifetime!

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