Electronic cigarettes are without a shadow of a doubt, the most advanced smoking devices to have been manufactured in this world. While an e cigarette does resemble and feel just like a traditional cigarette, in reality, this device is poles apart from its cousin. In fact, it has been statistically proven the more and more chain smokers are now making a permanent switch to e cigs after having quit regular cigarettes for ever. So, what is making these devices click and why are they now more popular than regular cigarettes? Well, here are the main reasons for its growing popularity:

The first positive ingredient in an electronic cigarette is the nicotine flavor. A small cartridge acts as a reservoir housing the e-liquid, which in turn is available in several flavors. From tobacco, to menthol, to chocolate, smokers can choose several varied flavors while opting for their e cigs. When inhaled, the liquid nicotine content is equivalent, if not better, than what is present in a regular cigarette and it never fails to provide the “nicotine hit” to smokers.

Secondly, an electric cigarette is free from awful smells. Unlike regular cigarettes, which always leave behind a repulsive odor, an e cig is free from smells and leaves the mouth of the smoker free from bad breath. Smokers can easily hope to puff their best electronic cigarette in their car or even their house, without bothering others.

Thirdly, an e cigarette leaves behind no ash or butts. Each electronic cigarette brand manufactures its devices in such a manner that they are free from any residue, which is quite unlike regular cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes are known to leave behind ash, cigarettes butts as well as cigarette packs, which prove to be hazardous for the environment.

Fourthly, an electronic cigarette review clearly reveals that an e cigarette is free from tobacco and it is also free from the highly offensive second hand smoke. Regular cigarettes produce smoke and they are also full of the deadly tobacco content. This is why smoking enthusiasts in their millions are making a permanent switch to puffing on an electric cigarette. 

Fifthly, by far the biggest advantage of opting for e cigs is the price factor. As compared to the traditional tobacco filled cigarettes, an e cigarette costs just one third the amount. Hence, cheap electronic cigarettes are in rage these days and even the budget conscious smokers can easily hope to puff on them without bothering to burn a hole in their pocket. On an average, a refill cartridge in an e cigarette costs in between $3 to $5, while the American average cost of a traditional cigarette is officially pegged at $7.

Last but not the least an electronic cigarette permits the smoker to puff on these devices regardless of the location. While regular cigarettes have been banned from being smoked in public places in several countries, an e cigarette can easily be smoked in the open. You have the added advantage of puffing on the best electronic cigarettes while traveling in an airplane, while shopping for clothes in a mall, while dining in a restaurant and even while sitting in an office and speaking to your boss.

So, while cigarettes are being smoked on a regular basis, more and more smokers have started to realize the dangers that are attached to smoking cigarettes. The health risks attached to smoking traditional tobacco filled cigarettes have now forced several individuals to quit smoking tobacco filled cigarettes and adopt electronic cigarettes, as they are free from tobacco. With the total number of smokers all set to break the two billion mark worldwide, the switch to electronic cigarettes seems to be a wise move on the part of the concerned smokers.