To be honest, we had not heard much about the smart smoker brand of cigarettes and gave it a try simply because its manufacturers were giving out trials for free! So we thought, why not?

Nonetheless, we are glad that we presented it to our panel of reviewers and can say with full confidence now that Smart Smoker E-Cigarettes wins our title of the DARK HORSE! The kind of promotions and euphoria that Smart Smoker deserves has eluded it since forever, and that’s probably the reason why it’s not on the No#1 slot amongst e-cigs.

The quality of smoke that it offers, according to us is second to none in the niche. Now, that’s quite a strong statement to make, but we know exactly what we are backing and can repeat that praise for the Smart Smoker E-cigs at as many occasions as needed.

The e-cig brand offers fairly good nicotine levels and is a no-fluff variant with its cartridges available in regular tobacco and menthol variants. Finally, we find a brand that understands that cigarettes are meant to help smokers enjoy nicotine and not fancy cherries strawberries or chocolate flavored smokes!

The smart smoker kits too come with pretty basic yet all essential accessories. Here’s a look at the constituents list of the Smart Smoker Bumper Kit:

ü  Mini e-cigarette

ü  Two lithium batteries

ü  Battery charger

ü  Atomizer/vaporizer

ü  6 cartridges of mixed strength cigarettes

ü  USB charger

ü  Instruction leaflet

Those who are on a budget can also opt for the mini kit that contains all of the above, sans the USB charger and comes with fewer cartridges. The accessories’ list is limited to car charger and cigarette case options though.

The overall package is completed with attractive offers like free trials, cost-free shipping and handling and 60 day full replacement warranty on parts and exceptional after sales services. The interesting part is that the company delivers even as little order as of 20 cartridges without any shipping or handling charges to the customers.

If you ask us, Smart Smoker does deserve a free trial today (Also because the free trial scheme has been lingering on for a long time now and may end any day!). Nonetheless, our review shall be incomplete without this short checklist which we feel is a must to be adhered to by those ordering Smart Smoker freeware:

ü  Be prepared to pay a non-refundable shipping fee of $9.95 on the free trial pack at least

ü  If you don’t like Smart Smoker, cancel and return the kit within 10 days or the kit price of $99.99 shall be deducted from your credit card automatically on the 11th day

ü  In case you are not a heavy smoker, cancel the Smart Plan enrolment that comes with a free trial. This plan gets you a 30 cartridges refill each month and costs you $59.99 p.m.