Okay, to put it bluntly, anyone and everyone who smokes is aware of the ill-consequences of this addiction pretty well. He/she knows clearly how this habit is going to weigh down their health. A decision to shift from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes marks a healthy transition by all standards then. And that’s probably the reason I decided to test the waters when it came to some of the fastest selling electronic cigarette brands in the market. I did not want the drill to be based on personal bias, and so included several people into the examination. These were individuals who shared a passion for smoking, but did not want to compromise on the taste or health fronts either! That’s how our team of reviewers for electronic cigarette brands was born.

Coming to Smoke Fifty-One E-cigarettes, we did try them and were not disappointed, if not exalted with the brand, to say the least. What drew us towards trying out the Smoke51 offerings was the fact that these were probably the only electronic cigarette variants we saw at the local malls and gas stations up for sale. That was an indicator enough that the marketer was genuine, and the brand quite reliable. However, after trying out both online and offline means to procure Smoke Fifty-One E-cigarettes, we found the online route to be better and way cheaper- So that’s certainly recommendable.

Speaking specifically of the product, Smoke51 shall be more suited to a heavy smoker and not that much to a social smoker. The absence of fancy flavors within the cigarette brand’s offering can be a dampening factor for social smokers, but with the amazingly high nicotine strength offerings, the heavy smokers can certainly heave a sigh of relief with Smoke51.

Smoke51 can be had in several variants. Though all are targeted at different user needs, the Duo variants are our preferred pick for the users. These score above the Trio variants which turn out to be more taxing on the pocket plus give out lesser vapors too- Depressing! The Kravevariants from Smoke51 are certainly not for the budget conscious since these are “Disposable e-cigarettes” (weird concept though) and their batteries would give a ‘blink and miss’ performance. However, if you want to smoke as a one-off thing, these could be used as cheap one-off trial alternatives.

Other aspects that coax us to recommend Smoke Fifty-One E-cigarettes include add-ons like carry cases and different hued battery choices that the users get. Not to mention the fairly unique disposable e-cigarette option that the company has come up with!