How often have you wondered whether you can obtain the perfect means of cleaning your beloved electronic cigarette starter kit? How often have you been disappointed because the dirty spots, smudge marks, as well as grease marks, on your e cigarettes, have simply refused to go away? It is a well known fact that despite cleaning your starter kit or other essential accessories using a clean soft cloth, there are times wherein the dirt marks simply refuse to go away, leaving your precious e cig dirty and grimy. Nonetheless, help is near and you can now easily get your clean your precious starter kit as well as related accessories using the SmokeTip cleaning kit.

SmokeTip Cleaning Kit 

SmokeTip e cigarette cleaning kit has been specially designed keeping in mind the need to keep your electric cigarettes as well as the related e cig accessories clean and spotless. Regardless of how careful you are as a user, there are times when your electric cigarette tends to get exposed to natural pollutants, which in turn leaves it dirty and full of unwanted marks. This cleaning kit has been manufactured keeping in mind to retain the long shelf life of batteries as well as for ensuring that the original flavor of the refill cartridge is maintained despite it being used repeatedly. The kit is pegged at a meager $9.95 and it can be shipped the moment you place your order. Hence, it is highly affordable and long lasting in nature.


SmokeTip review at Tech-Cigarette has also revealed that cleaning e cigs is an essential act. The specially designed kit contains ten cotton swabs of medical grade, ten prep pads dipped in alcohol and three T-pins. When you make use of this cleaning kit, you are ensuring that your e cig battery is kept clean and tidy, which in turn helps in increasing its shelf life. Also, regular cleaning ensures that your refill cartridges are kept free from harms way, which in turn helps them taste fresh and new at all times. According to electric cigarette experts, it has been ascertained that this cleaning kit can actually last you for a period of six months, if used carefully.