Like it or not, SmokeTip is one such electronic cigarette brand that has indeed managed to win the hearts of millions of individuals worldwide, with the aid of its high quality starter kits and highly affordable price tags. One look at the SmokeTip electric cigarette starter kit and you shall be inclined to nod your head in approval. You are simply bound to fall in love with it!

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At an affordable price of $59.95, the SmokeTip Kit offers:

 Two rechargeable lithium ion batteries,

A USB charger and a wall adapter,

Five disposable cartridges with separate atomizers in diverse strength and flavor choices,

 A specially designed gift box for packing your precious starter kit,

 An instruction manual turned out to be a raw deal beyond doubt!

As reviewers, we were zapped at the first trials of the SmokeTip cigs. The reason was simple- We did not expect such an affordably priced and modest product to deliver such fantastic results. The vapors were pure and perfect, and none of us experienced even a single missed puff.

The cartridges are pretty efficient and each one comes with a separate atomizer which can be disposed off with the cartridge. The range of flavors available to the users varies across Regular, Menthol, Almond, Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Clove, Coffee, Peach Strawberry, and Vanilla. I am not quite a fan of flavored stuff, so regular worked best for me. The other reviewers on the panel found almond and clove flavored cigarettes to be interesting discoveries though. The strongest SmokeTip variant claimed to contain about 16 mg. of nicotine, and the experience with it did justify the claims to the core. Each puff gave out lush, strong smoke and the cartridge definitely lasted longer than most other e-cigs I have tried.

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Considering the affordable price at which SmokeTip is offered to the customers, luxuries like getting to have the batteries in different color choices was not expected. Nonetheless, the very thought of getting to carry e-cig batteries in black and chrome variants instead of the usual white ignited a feeling of opulence that is tough to be explained in words. Our suggestion to SmokeTip buyers would be to pick batteries in two different colors so as to derive the max out of the investment. After all, these come backed with a lifetime warranty, and the chance to replace them may not arise at all!

Those who want added utility may even choose SmokeTip accessories like the Travel Charger Case, Car Charger or the Wall and USB charger, all of which are quite reasonably priced with SmokeTip.

Do you realize that all orders that are dispatched from the warehouse of this brand are entitled to provide you with the free shipping facility? Well, all this is really true and this is why smokers from all across the globe have been thronging in ques to get their hands onto this hot selling starter kit, which in turn is backed by several chic and stylish e cigarette accessories.

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