Banking on the very name of the product, the manufacturers of Smoking Everywhere E-cigs market these cigarettes as Eco-friendly, health friendly (like traditional cigarettes, they do not contain tar that damages tooth enamel, nor do these produce ash and harmful smoke!) and legally approved cigarettes for smoking in public places! That’s all true, but all e-cigs pretty much live up to these criteria and so our team of reviewers set out to find out how Smoking Everywhere E-cigs are different from other brands in the niche, and why/why not should we recommend it to the visitors to our site. Here is what our findings suggested:

Availability: Availability-wise Smoking Everywhere lives up to its name and is available pretty much everywhere, from malls to gas stations to online stores. So, you don’t have to wait for an online order to be placed and arrive if you run out of cartridges and need a refill! However, for the price savvy, making internet purchases still spell prudence!

Taste: Smoking Everywhere E-cigs can actually be smoked everywhere and that too without getting bored of the same taste. These e-cigs offer the widest range of flavors with everything from classic menthol and tobacco flavors to Apple, Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Cherry and Strawberry flavored cartridges on offer! Depending upon their preference, we also got the option to choose between varied nicotine strengths from 16mg (high), 11mg (medium) and 6 mg (low) to as low as 0 mg (none).

Quality: On the quality front, the atomizer used by the manufacturer is known to be of the highest quality in the niche and the vapor quality was indeed better than many we have tried. However, the drag quality is not so praiseworthy and can be disappointing for those who eye flawlessness.

It is worth mentioning that with Smoking Everywhere the thrills do not end at purchasing a fully loaded starter kit alone!! The cartridges are available in a host of options and it was indeed alluring to try everything from the 1.0 series to the 2.0, Gold, Platinum, cigar and pipe to even disposable versions– and so much coming from a single provider!

The company has a reputation to be pretty prompt and orderly on the customer service and shipment fronts too. The ongoing One-Year Warranty Program is a cherry on the cake!

So on the whole, we feel Smoking Everywhere can prove to be a great buy and is in fact a brand that consumers can stick on to and quite happily so, for a long time!