It has been over fifty years since the British medical representatives issued their first official warning with regards to the dangers associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. Nonetheless, despite the rather long tenure, it has been noticed that over 20% of all UK residents still continue to smoke regular cigarettes. It has also been medically proven the unless and until these individuals show signs of quitting smoking regular cigarettes, half of them would die owing to the various fatal diseases caused by the highly offensive second hand smoke that emits from tobacco cigarettes.

Since the year 1962, it has been reported that over 6 million residents in England have succumbed owing to cigarette smoking. This shocking report was published by the Royal College of Physicians and it helped people realize the adverse health results of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Ever since this report was published and made official by the Royal College of Physicians, it has been noticed that over 3,50,000 deaths owing to smoking have been averted. This has happened as people have started to accept the ill effects of smoking regular cigarettes and have opted for suitable alternatives such as an electronic cigarette, or quitting smoking completely.

Nonetheless, as per the John Britton, the advisory group head at Royal College of Physicians, over ten million individuals in Britain are still addicted to tobacco. Apparently, the addiction to nicotine is the leading cause behind the attachment to regular cigarettes, which usually starts even before the concerned individual has reached adulthood. The loss of life from smoking tobacco cigarettes is equivalent to one hundred million years lot in the United Kingdom. It has also been stated by the Royal College of Physicians that half the smokers who smoking regular cigarettes would die unless they are willing to quit smoking.

E cigarettes are considered a suitable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes as they do not contain tobacco. In fact, an electric cigarette does not emit the highly offensive second hand smoke, which is symbolic to smoking a regular cigarette. As per the World Health Organization, smoking is one of the largest health concerns in the world today. Smoking regular cigarettes often leads to cancers of various kinds, cardiovascular malfunctions, as well as chronic respiratory tract infections in human beings. As per the health body of the United Nations, by the year 2030, over eight million people would lose their lives annually owing to tobacco smoking, if the governments of various countries do not take stringent actions against this rising menace.

In the United Kingdom, the government has taken several steps to contain the rampant smoking activities that have been going on for several decades. Several policies have been initiated that put a check on tobacco advertising and sales, which smoking regular cigarettes in public places have been legally discontinued in several places in the United Kingdom. In fact, it has been reported that several chain smokers have quit smoking cigarettes and have started puffing on e cigs instead. Slowly and steadily, smokers have started to realize the dangers associated with smoking traditional cigarettes and hence, they are opting for safer alternatives in the form of an electronic cigarette.