Electronic cigarettes are definitely being liked by millions of smoking enthusiast the world over. Without a shadow of a doubt, the fact remains that smokers from all over the world prefer puffing on e cigs instead of the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Nonetheless, the fact remains that the lack of tobacco content in an electric cigarette actually propels smokers to quit smoking regular cigarettes and opt for an e cigarette instead. This is why numerous electronic cigarette brands came into existence and smoking enthusiasts in their millions, started to choose their best starter kits. Here are the lists of the top 3 electronic cigarette kits for the year 2011.

@ The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit:


Launched by the best selling V2 Cigs brand of electronic cigarettes, the V2 Ultimate Kit has proven to be an all time best seller. Not only has this kit managed to win the hearts of millions of individuals the world over, it has also managed to capture the attention of young and enthusiastic smokers, who would like to try their hands at smoking cigarettes for the very first time. Available at a heavily discounted price of $159.95, the V2 Ultimate Kit offers a wide variety of goodies to the end user.

This best selling kit includes three batteries of your choice, a USB charger, a wall adaptor, a car charger, a special carry case, a user manual, a specially designed charging case, a V2 power cig as well as 25  high powered V2 cartridges. This is undoubtedly a robust kit, which is ideal for those smoking enthusiasts who are all set to take the plunge into the world of smoking smokeless cigarettes.

@ The Green Smoke Pro Kit


The second kit to have made it to the top chart busters for the year 2011, includes the Green Smoke pro Kit. Known the world over for providing an unmatched smoking experience, the Green Smoke Pro Kit is, without a shadow of a doubt, the second most wanted starter kit for the year 2011. The Pro Kit from Green Smoke is available for a meager $129.99 and it includes a long rechargeable battery, a short fully rechargeable battery, a USB charger, a USB cigarette, a specially designed car adaptor, a high powered home adaptor, a membership card, a user manual, as well as two packs of the world famous FlavorMax cartomizers.

@ The EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit


The third most wanted starter kit for the year 2011 happened to be the EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit. For millions of users, this kit is the most sophisticated starter kit to have been devised till date. For a meager $109.99, smoking enthusiasts can hope to avail a high powered lithium ion battery, a lithium ion high capacity battery, a USB charger, a special carry case, an adaptor that can be charged in a car, a user manual and fifteen flavored nicotine cartridges.

While numerous other starter kits from other top competing e cigarette brands also happened to be in great demand in the year 2011, the fact remains that these three starter kits, proved to be the best selling varieties by a wide margin.