The V2 Cigs e cigarette has been nominated as the #1 electronic cigarette brands in the world. In fact, this brand has been a world leader since the year 2011. Even in the year 2012, it has managed to retain its lead and has overshadowed its closest competitor by a wide margin. This feat is because of the wide range of e cigarette products as well as accessories that this brand has been known to manufacture without compromising on its quality quotient.

V2 Cigs 3 Pack Disposable Electronic Cigarette

V2 Cigs 3 Pack Disposable

V2 Cigs reviews have also stated that its disposable e cigs batch has instilled confidence in the minds of those smokers who would like to make a switch from traditional cigarettes and try e cigarettes but are not certain of their decision. Disposables e cigs have been manufactured by V2Cigs to ensure that new smokers have a chance of gauging electronic cigarettes before venturing into them in a full fledged manner. In these e cigarettes, the moment your vapor volume decreases, you can start using another electronic cigarette.

The biggest advantage of opting for the V2 disposables is that you are not required to purchase new refill cartridges each time your cartridge is finished. In fact, you also do not need to recharge the batteries, each time the e cigarette is over. All you are required to do is to throw away the disposable once it is complete and start using another one. Such a mechanism is considered perfect for those individuals who would like to give electronic cigarettes a try. The V2 Cig pack of 3 Disposables is pegged at an affordable price of $24.95 only.


A single disposable cigarette as per the V2 Cigs review is equivalent to two packs regular cigarettes, which in turn is equivalent to almost 400 puffs. The pack of three disposables is available in two refreshing flavors, which in turn are menthol and tobacco. You also have the distinct advantage of opting for either the low nicotine level e cigarette (0.6%) or the full nicotine e cig (0.18%). It should be noted that even the menthol flavor has a dash of tobacco flavoring to make your smoking experience even more pleasurable.