V2 CigsV2 Cigs e cigarette brand was discovered by three pioneering individuals, who wanted to provide chain smokers with a more suitable alternative to traditional tobacco filled cigarettes.  The V2Cigs e cig reviews have clearly revealed the positive transformation electric cigarettes have brought about in the lives of chain smokers.

Not only were e cigarettes cheaper than regular cigarettes, they also drastically reduced the total number of harmful chemicals inhaled during a smoking session. Interestingly, electronic cigarettes also proved to be an effective means to gradually reduce nicotine dependency in chain smokers.

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Regular Cigarettes v/s V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs scores a clear victory over regular cigarettes in terms of benefits. Some of the important benefits include:

No Ash

No Smoke

No Tar

No Offensive ‘Second Hand Smoke’

Completely Free of Odor

No Trace of Carbon Monoxide

No ‘Smoker’s Breath’

Contains No Trace of any known Cancer Developing Chemical

V2 Cigs Offers Seven Starter Kits

V2 Express Kit         (Original Price $29.95 and Special Price $24.95)

V2 Economy Kit      (Original Price $64.95 and Special Price $49.95)

V2 Standard Kit       (Original Price $79.95 and Special Price $64.95)

V2 Standard Plus Kit (Fixed Price $99.95)

V2 Travelers Kit      (Original Price $159.95 and Special Price $149.95)

V2 Couples Kit         (Original Price $149.95 and Special Price $124.95)

V2 Ultimate Kit       (Original Price $199.95 and Special Price $159.95)

Why V2 Cigs Is the No. 1 Electronic Cigarette Brand?

V2 Cigs has been voted as America’s leading electronic cigarette brand because consumers appear to be fully satisfied with its taste, critics unanimously approve the quality of its ingredients and competitors are still grappling to match up to V2’s flawless customer service. Even Alexa.com has ranked V2 Cigs as America’s #1 Electronic Cigarette Brand.

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Warranty of a Lifetime

V2 Cigs offers a limited “lifetime warranty” on all its products to ensure that their consumers are always smiling. It is also to reiterate the fact that the consumer indeed bought a quality product. As per the warranty, if any product proves faulty, it can be replaced with another of a similar value, with immediate effect.

V2 Cigs Disposables

For those smokers who would not like to opt for a starter kit, V2 Cigs has launched the disposable electronic cigarettes. Simply use them and then throw them away. No hassles, no recharging required and it is perfect for those who are on the move. Available in five options, the disposable e cigarettes are an ideal companion for the serious smokers.

Money Back Guarantee (30-Days)

All starter kits in the V2 Cigs range are backed with a 30 days money back guaranty. Smokers using e cigs for the first time are particularly pleased with this option. If a smoker is somehow not entirely satisfied with a starter kit, he/she has the option of returning it back to the company within the stipulated time period and availing a complete refund for the same. No unnecessary questions would be asked at the time of the refund.

Finger Licking Flavors

The flavors of V2cigs are meant to appease the taste buds of each user. Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Cherry and Peppermint flavors are meant for the mild smokers while Congress, Sahara and Menthol are ideally appreciated by traditional smokers. To ensure that smokers know what they are inhaling, a complete list of ingredients that goes into preparing these flavors is available at the company website.

Best Customer Service

V2 Cigs owners are extremely proud of offering a suitable alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Not only do they offer transparency with regards to the ingredients used, they also allow users to avail a ‘hassle-free’ 30 days full money back guarantee. Besides, the company website provides answers to all the queries that a customer may possibly have, thereby offering the best customer service in the business.

So, with numerous benefits, including the 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, an ‘enthusiastic smoker’ can gain everything that he/she wants, by simply giving the V2 Cigs a try!

Click Here To Visit The Official Website Of V2 Cigs

(To avail an additional 10% discount on your purchase, simply type “wts” at the time of checkout)