Electronic cigarettes have gained immense popularity ever since they were officially introduced in the United States in the year 2007. While several brands also managed to launch their respective products in the smokeless niche, the brand that did manage to rule the ratings and always emerge as the best in the business, happened to be V2 Cigs. More and more smoking enthusiasts from all over the world have been known to opt for this brand simply because it has maintained the quality standards and always managed to meet the expectations of smokers the world over by providing those starter kits and e cigarette accessories, which were in demand.

V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case

V2 Cigs Portable Charging Case

The V2 Cigs review at Tech-Cigarette.com has clearly explained the products launched by V2Cigs. Nonetheless, a particular product which needs a special mention is the V2Cigs portable Charging Case. As per the company spokespersons, this charging case is undoubtedly the most advanced carry case to have been ever designed and it has been structured keeping in mind the basic as well as the advanced needs of smokers. V2 Cigs reviews have also revealed that this carry case is available in three distinct colors, which include glossy white, graphite and stainless steel.


In accordance with the V2Cigs review, it has also been noticed that the portable Carry Case is blessed with several top notch features. For a starter, its design is rather slim and it fits into your palm. Even its cover is simple to operate and it merely slides open, when you wish to operate it. In order to ensure that your battery is fully connected, you simply need to screw the battery charging mechanism tightly. Battery indicators are placed within your carry case, which would allow you to gauge the amount of charging time available in your case and when you need to re-charge it again. Once the battery is fully charged, you can see the indicator lights change color.


The V2Cigs reviews have also categorically stated that the V2 Portable Carry Case is blessed with adequate space to ensure that you are able to carry two spare cartridges, which in turn would permit you to continue puffing even when the previous cartridge has finished. Alternatively, you also have the option of carrying an entire battery instead of the two spare cartridges within the carry case. The biggest advantage of this carry case is that it allows you to have the distinct advantage of charging four batteries without the need of any other power source.


Last but not the least, this specially designed carry case is made from durable material, which in turn is capable of keeping your batteries, cartridges as well as e cigs safe. Not only does the case prolong the overall life of your electric cigarettes, it also helps you puff your favorite electronic cigarettes in a hygienic manner. This case can be connected to the V2 car charger as well as the V2 wall charger and it can also be attached to any USB port. It is also important to note that the XL batteries from V2Cigs cannot be charged using the Portable Carry Case.