An Overview:

The Volcano e cigarettes are considered to be a pioneering force in permitting smokers to opt for a suitable smoking alternative. This brand is well known for manufacturing kits which are using quality ingredients and are free from smoke or tobacco content. As per the company spokesperson, the e cigarettes manufactured by this brand are amongst the finest in this industry.

Special Offers:

The Volcano Cigs have several special schemes, using which, smokers can avail certain facilities that are not be available under ordinary circumstances. Some of these features, which smokers who opt for the e cigarette kits as well as e cigarette accessories from Volcano, include:

One year limited warranty on products manufactured and marketed by Volcano

All orders are to be shipped within 24 hours

All ordered which are above the value of $50 would be shipped free of any charge

All FedEx shipping orders would be shipped on the second day of the order being placed and a flat rate of $7.99 would apply in this case

A thirty day full money back guarantee, in case the smoker does not like the kit

Starter Kits:

This brand has developed several starter kits in a bid to satisfy the taste buds of smoking enthusiasts the world over, yet the most favored starter kit happens to be the Volcano Kit. We also recommend this kit as it offers affordable pricing. It is priced at $64.99 and is fortified with a stylish mini cig.

The Volcano Kit- This kit contains 2 batteries, a special V pack, a USB charger, a wall charger, a mini USB cable and a pack of five cartomizers. Smokers have the privilege of choosing their own nicotine strength. This also includes a special gift box and is perfect for gifting your beloved. The price of this kit is $64.99.

The MAGMA Tank Kit- This kit contains 2 batteries, a specially designed M pack, a gift pack, a USB battery charger, a mini USB cable, a wall charger, a 15ml bottle of e liquid and a drip tip. This kit is priced at $74.99 and it is best suited for those smokers who are always on the move.

Other Starter Kits- The other starter kits include The Inferno Tank Kit, The Inferno Drip Kit, The LavaTube Kit and the Volcano Express Starter Kits. We recommend that you opt for the Volcano Kit, which is offering two batteries. A single cartridge is equivalent to four regular cigarettes and it would cost you a meager $0.60 per cartridge. While this brand does offer a three piece e cigarettes, it also comes along with a two piece design, which is called the cartomizer. You may choose either a white or a black colored battery and the available LED colors include red, blue and green. For any queries, the customer service may be contacted at  the following toll free number- 1 (800) 870-3357.

Final Verdict:

The Volcano e cig is worth a try as the starter kits are diverse and undoubtedly high in terms of quality. Even the overall pricing of the kit is affordable in nature and within the reach of most smokers. While there are several starter kits available, we would recommend that you try The Volcano Kit.