It has been brewing for a number of years now but it had never actually materialized until recently. The internal conflict that was developing between the erstwhile tobacco industry and electronic cigarette industry has now been laid down like an open book. Apparently, the tobacco industry was thriving on the 1.1 billion smokers worldwide and expanding their horizons to an extent that they would soon reach the zenith with a pile of wealth their seven generations would not be able to finish.

Nonetheless, with the introduction of the ban on tobacco caused all the worries in the thriving market. Apparently, the deaths caused by tobacco smoke were far too grave a concern than the money this business made. After all, human lives are more important as compared to wealth. What would you choose when it comes to either saving your life or saving a business which takes lives but makes money? Of course, it would be the former. After all, there is still some humanity left in this highly materialistic world.

Ever since the e cigarette was introduced, the tobacco lobby backed by the pharmaceutical lobby got after it and tried with all its might to beat it to pulp. The main reason was the fact that the e cigarette industry was simply taking away their business by offering a suitable alternative to the deadly tobacco smoke. As most smokers would be aware, electric cigarettes are devoid of harmful tobacco and they simply contain nicotine.

So, not only is the e cig a smokeless wonder, it is also saving your lungs from getting infected by the harmful carcinogens as well as carbon dioxide which is produced by tobacco. Besides being cheaper in comparison to tobacco cigarettes, unlike the regular tobacco cigarette, the electric cigarette is not banned in any country and there is no proof of it depleting the ozone layer either. With so many benefits to the kitty of the electric cigarette, how could it not prevail over the death-giving tobacco cigarette?

Apparently, the tobacco industry initially gave a royal ignore to electronic cigarettes. They simply thought that it would be a wasteful product that would be ridiculed by the general public. So, they allowed small time manufacturers to manufacture this device and then once it started picking up in the market and became more popular than tobacco cigarettes, the tobacco lobby along with the FDA took notice of it.

Soon, the electronic cigarettes industry was forced to comply with several stringent regulations which they successfully lived up to and passed with flying colors. Apparently, it was a strategy of the other party to try and showcase e cigarettes as a device that is harmful in nature. Nonetheless, they failed in their endeavors as no such thing actually exists. Besides, people who smoke electronic cigarettes are well aware that this device is way ahead of its time and is a perfect alternative to the unhealthy tobacco cigarettes.