An electronic cigarette is a device which closely resembles a regular cigarette but is very different from its close cousin. While it does look and feel like a regular cigarette, the fact remains that an e cigarette is free from tobacco as well as the highly toxic and offensive second hand smoke, which a regular cigarette is known to emit on a regular basis. Apparently, this device is only known to be delivering the much needed nicotine hit to smoking enthusiasts the world over and has absolutely no similarity to the manner in which a regular cigarette is smoked. Apparently, the fact also remains that the deadly tobacco content which is present in a regular cigarette is completely missing in an electronic cigarette. This is one of the main reasons why smoking enthusiasts prefer puffing on an electric cigarette rather than the traditional tobacco filled cigars.

An e cigarette is composed of three major components. The first is the atomizer, the second is the cartridge, while the third vital component happens to be the rechargeable battery. The electric cigarette cartridge is similar to the mouthpiece of a regular cigarette and it is also known to double up as a tiny reservoir which houses liquid nicotine. This liquid is then vaporized when the end user starts to puff on an electronic cigarette. The second component is the atomizer, which can also be termed as a heating element. It is mostly responsible for ensuring that the liquid nicotine is vaporized. The battery, on the other hand, can also be termed as the power supply. This allows the electric cigarette to operate without any kind of a glitch.

The cartridge is in the shape of a small cylinder and it is mostly made from plastic. The cartridge is open on both ends. While one end acts as a mouthpiece, the other end is attached to the heating element. Hence, a cartridge acts as both a reservoir of liquid as well as a suitable means of ensuring that the liquid nicotine is connected with a heating element. In order to keep the liquid nicotine intact and to avoid it from slipping into the mouth of the smoker, the cartridge contains a small sponge like material. This sponge is what stops the e-liquid from leaking into the smoker’s mouth. Once the liquid present within the cartridge is spent, the smoker can always get it refilled and reuse the same cartridge for another round of puffing.

The atomizer is without a shadow of a doubt the heating element, which helps the e liquid present within the cartridge to heat and then turn into vapor. The atomizer contains a material which has wicking properties. This element needs to be kept completely clean and free from dirt else it has the ability to burn out completely. Nowadays, most leading electric cigarette brands have started to manufacture e cigs that have been fitted with disposable atomizers. This helps smoking enthusiasts to keep puffing without needing to change the atomizer on a regular basis. These atomizers are also known as cartomizers. The battery is made from lithium ion and it is supposed to be completely rechargeable in nature. These batteries are usually wired and they have an ability to derive power from the local power supply unit, which is always present in an individual’s house.

An electronic cigarette also contains a special LED light, which glows each time a smoking enthusiast puffs on an e cigarette. Apparently, millions of chain smokers have quit smoking regular cigarettes and have started puffing an electric cigarette. This is positive news for their family members and close friends for the very simple reason that an e cigs proves to be a much safer device as compared to regular cigarettes.