Substance abuse amongst youngsters is on the rise and it has been confirmed that people from all walks of lives are hell bent on consuming tobacco cigarettes regardless of the dangers that are usually associated with smoking cigarettes. Diseases such as cancer, cardiac arrests as well as chronic respiratory tract infections are quite common for those individuals who are habitual of smoking cigarettes. This is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of lives prefer steering teenagers away from smoking cigarettes. The sooner an individual starts to smoke cigarettes, the earlier he/she is in danger of succumbing to these dreaded diseases. This is apparently the main reason why teenage smokers should quit smoking cigarettes at the earliest given opportunity.


As per several studies, it has been officially confirmed that teenagers are the most prone to getting addicted to smoking cigarettes. Once they are addicted, they continue smoking till the very last day of their miserable life. Stress amongst teenagers is prevalent and this is one of the main reasons why smoking enthusiasts start to smoke cigarettes on a constant basis. Nonetheless, the main reason which is being considered the prime factor behind teenage smoking is peer pressure. Most teenagers have taken to smoking cigarettes simply because they were lured into smoking these devices by their friends and at times, even their own relatives.

While there are several ways by which a parent can intervene and stop children from smoking cigarettes, the best possible way to do this effectively is by counseling them at the right time. By taking your children into confidence, not only are you winning their trust, you are also permitting yourself to be in complete control of the scenario at all times. This is also a positive act, which allows your children to realize that you really care for them and are always willing to “lend a ear” when the need arises. When you have won the confidence of your children, you can be rest assured that they would always discuss their issues with you and allow you to offer suggestions and corrective tips as and when the need arises.

Abusive behavior and shouting at your teenage children should always be avoided at all costs as this simply sours your relationship with your own children. When you scream at your own kids, you actually end up losing their trust because of which, they always doubt your good intentions and avoid revealing the truth. In such a scenario, the fact remains that you would never really be able to ascertain what your teenage son or daughter is up to and hence, you shall always be kept in the dark. In case you are not sure of what your teenage children are doing, you always have the option of conducting a battery of tests, which include saliva, urine as well as a breath inhaler test, at the convenience of your humble abode and ascertain the truth.

Last but not the least, as a parent, you need to keep a constant tab on your children. You need to know where they go to play or party and you also need to keep a tab on their friends as well. When you have an idea regarding their peer group, it shall become fairly easy for you to understand the psychology of your own children. In case you find that your children are not hanging out with an ideal group, you can suggest them to look for another set of friends. Encouraging teenagers to indulge in regular sporting activity is also considered an ideal way to deter them from smoking cigarettes.