Cigarette smoking has always captivated the likes of all youngsters. Not only does smoking cigarettes imply that the concerned individual is a passionate individual, it also implies that the concerned smoker is well versed with the way life needs to be lead. Unfortunately, all this is just a mythical fixture, which contains more of fictitious elements rather than facts. In reality, smoking cigarettes is a highly dangerous habit, which has been known to take several million lives the world over on an annual basis.

It has been medically proven that cigarette smoking causes cancers of various kinds and that it is also directly responsible for several individuals suffering from a cardiac arrest or other heart related ailments. Several respiratory tract infections such as emphysema as well as bronchitis are also linked with cigarette smoking and are known to kill several smokers as well as innocent passive smokers the world over annually.

As per a recent study, it was revealed that each individual who dies owing to a tobacco related death is also directly linked with at least 20 more individuals suffering from at least one serious ailment which is symbolic to smoking tobacco cigarettes. As per the latest statistical reports, over 5 million individuals die from cigarette smoking each year globally. According to the current trend, it has been predicted that by the year 2030, over 8 million individuals would be dying annually worldwide owing to tobacco cigarette smoking.

This is undoubtedly an alarming fact and the figure simply spells the seriousness of the situation. In the United States alone, over 443,000 people are known to succumb to tobacco related diseases annually. Out of this number, an alarming 49,000 individuals are non-smokers, which in turn imply that the highly toxic and offensive second hand smoke too claims thousands of victims in the United States annually.

Several medical studies have confirmed the fact that as compared to normal individuals who do not smoke regular cigarettes, smokers die 14 to 15 years earlier. This implies that when you start to smoke regular cigarettes, you are shortening your life span considerably and making the lives of other innocent passive smokers miserable. Besides, smoking manufacturers are known to spend in the excess of 12.5 billion dollars annually in terms of advertisements and promotions, which in turn adds to almost $34 million being spent daily on tobacco promotional activities.

Over $193 billion is spent annually with regards to cigarette smoking expenditure by the governments of various countries. Over $96 billion is spent annually in terms of healthcare expenses, while $97 billion can be termed as a loss in productivity owing to employees smoking cigarettes and falling sick or underperforming in their assigned tasks. All this clearly states that smoking regular cigarettes is a taboo in the society and this should be banned. Apparently, owing to the efforts of several health organizations and voluntary organizations, smokers have come to realize the dangers associated with cigarette smoking, which in turn is helping them quit cigarettes and adopt the safe and healthy electronic cigarette instead.

An e cigarette is a tobacco free device, which is also cheaper when compared to regular cigarettes. Not only does an electric cigarette function on a rechargeable battery, it is also smoke free and undoubtedly free from carcinogens, which cause cancer in humans. Hence, an e cig is free to be smoked everywhere and people are even permitted to puff on an electronic cigarette in public places as well. Undoubtedly a suitable alternative to regular cigarettes, e cigarettes are considered to the best “quit smoking” aid, the world has ever known.