It is a well known fact that the highly offensive smoke with emits from a regular cigarette, is harmful for the health of the smoker as well as the innocent passive smoker. Nonetheless, very few people are aware of the fact that this highly toxic smoke, which emits from a lit cigar, can be extremely dangerous for an asthmatic patient. In case you happen to be an asthma patient and you are exposed to cigarette smoke, which usually emits from tobacco cigars, then you can easily suffer from an asthma attack. Medical professionals have further stated that if an asthma patient is exposed to the highly offensive second hand smoke on a regular basis then his/her asthma symptoms can easily worsen, leading to several other medical complications.

According to Kenneth Rosenman, an MD, “regular cigarettes are not directly responsible for causing asthma. Nonetheless, the harmful chemicals, which are present in the smoke that emits when a cigarette is lit, are capable of aggravating the underlying asthmatic conditions in both youngsters as well as adults.” One of the main reasons behind an asthmatic attack is the blockage in the wind pipe of the concerned individual, which in turn leads to the inflammation of the esophagus. The chemicals present in a regular cigarette have the potential of causing an asthmatic attack in an individual. This is ideally the main reason why people who suffer from respiratory tract infections, need to steer clear of cigarette smoke.


People with sensitive air passages are advised to steer clear of smoke, especially cigarette smoke. At the same time, it is recommended that such patients should remain in areas that are relatively free from air pollution. According to Miles Weinberger, the Pediatric Allergy & Pulmonary Division director, “Cigarette smoke is a pollutant which makes asthma conditions even worse.” He also went on to state that as per the latest statistical data, children who live with smokers, are five times more prone to suffering from an asthmatic attack as compared to children who live in non-smoking households.

Even if children are staying with a smoker, who is habitual of smoking outside the house, they still have a great chance of contracting asthma. The main reason behind this is the traces of ash on the clothes of the smoking individual, which in turn may irritate the sensitive airways of children. In a recent research that was conducted in Iowa City by Miles Weinberger, it was found that children, who stay in non-smoking households, have a 90% chance of getting a firm grip over their asthmatic conditions. On the contrary, the recovery rate of children, who stay in houses wherein people smoke regular cigarettes, is reduced to 50%.

In order to get a firm grip over asthma, the concerned individual needs to ensure that he/she steers clear of smokers and does not permit them to smoke in the car or within the house. In case your child is suffering from asthma attacks, then you need to find daycare centers, which have a complete no-smoking policy. This would help your child recover from his/her asthmatic condition at warp speed.