Smoking cigarettes have always been linked to causing adverse health issues which are often fatal in nature. Nonetheless besides causing cancers, cardiac issues and other problems, tobacco cigarettes have also been known to cause fires all across the globe. These devastating fires have been known to destroy lives as well as damage property each year the world over. In the United States, fires caused by cigarettes are the leading cause of fire deaths. In the year 2005, 800 people lost their lives and over 1800 were injured owing to fires started by cigarettes. The property damage was immense as well.

tobacco cigarettes cause fire

Fires from tobacco cigarettes usually start when a smoldering piece of cigarette butt lands onto the carpeted floor and ignites the mattress or your furniture. While this process takes time as a smoldering piece of cigarette takes several minutes to actually start a fire, the time is adequate for it to get unnoticed by the smoker, who may have already left the room by then. In case you are driving and you throw a cigarette out on the main road, which may slide and fall into dry grass, then again a fire may be caused accidentally.

 More often than not, fire victims are children who are unaware of how to escape from the clutches of fire. They would usually hide underneath a bed or cover themselves with a blanket, without actually rushing out of the building. Most deaths caused by tobacco fires are owing to smoke inhalations rather than burn injuries. Smoke from fire is a quick killer and it envelops you even before you have a chance to make a dash for it. In case you happen to be a regular smoker, then you need to make an effort to ensure that you avoid causing fires at all costs.

To start with, you need to always ensure that your cigarette is extinguished before it is thrown in the waste paper basket. Secondly, you need to always make sure that you place your cigarette in an ashtray and keep the ashtray away from any object that is inflammable in nature. While you are on the road, you need to make sure that you avoid throwing a smoldering cigarette out of the speeding car, as this could land on a dry patch causing fire.

Whenever you are out of your house and visiting a commercial complex, make sure that you extinguish your cigarette in an ashtray. Last but not the least educate your children about the hazards of fire and use an electronic cigarette instead of a regular one.