When the topic of discussion revolves around tobacco regulation scores being granted in the United States, then without a shadow of a doubt, the Orange County is all set to receive one of the lowest scores. Apparently, most cities in the Orange County received an “F” rating and this fact was affirmed by the American Lung Association. This rating was basically aimed at assessing the ongoing tobacco control policies that were being implemented by the state authorities. These policies are made to ensure that people are kept safe from the terrible ordeals associated with tobacco smoking. The tobacco control policies are governed by the California Local Grade- State of Tobacco Control 2013 to ensure that these policies are adequate enough to protect the general public from the tobacco menace.

California tobacco tax

The main agenda of these policies is to ensure that the outdoor environment is relatively tobacco free and also to ensure that the sale of tobacco products is minimized to a great extent. According to Dr. Afif El-Hasan, “It is highly imperative to safe the general public from the negative results of tobacco smoking. Hence, the grades that have been proposed by the Tobacco Control Board need to be taken very seriously. The grades here are also a clear representative of the overall health of the people in a particular region, which in turn is governed by the quantity of smoke that emits from traditional tobacco filled cigarettes.” It was also noticed that in Santa Ana, smoking cigarettes in recreational areas has been banned, which in turn has permitted this Orange County region to have its tobacco control scores increased from a “D” to a “C”. Even Laguana Hills and Laguana Woods followed the same practice and after having imposed restrictions on smoking cigarettes in recreational areas and earned a “C” score for themselves.

In fact, Laguana Woods had earlier imposed a ban on smoking cigarettes from balconies and patios that were open, which in turn allowed such apartment blocks to have clear outdoor air. Hence, this region received an “A” rating for maintaining clean outdoor air. In the county region, park rangers have been noticed advising the general public from refraining from lighting up in open park areas, so as to ensure that the ‘no smoking’ policy be followed at all times. In fact, the county rangers also issued citations to those smokers who were found violating these rules. Plans are also on to start tracking smoking citations, which were not being done earlier. This would ensure that the smoking policies were being adhered to religiously in the Orange County region. According to a report, even in the state of California, the tobacco smoking laws are not being adhered to in their complete entirety and that the state is lacking behind with regards to the tobacco control effort.

 In the state of California, only seventeen cities and counties got an “A” score, while three hundred and thirty nine counties and cities received an “F” rating. One of the main reasons behind this phenomenon is the lack of increase in the cigarette tax since the year 1999 by the Californian government. While the national American average for tax on a pack of regular cigarette is $1.48, the Californian tax slab still remains at eighty seven cents per pack of traditional tobacco filled cigarettes. If the tax on cigarettes is increased in the state of California, it is being predicted that the state government shall save billion of dollars in the form of healthcare bills and it would also ensure that the future generation is saved from inhaling the highly offensive second hand smoke to a great extent. Tobacco has always been linked to politics and this is why the board control members proposed that the tax on cigarettes be increased in the state of California by a dollar and over six hundred million dollars be distributed to the cancer research foundations and other quit smoking programs that were running in the state.