Smoking tobacco is an addictive process. While people know fairly well that tobacco smoke can kill an individual who smokes and also kill an individual who does not smoke but inhales tobacco smoke regularly, the fact remains that if the side effects of tobacco smoke were instant, no one would have ever used it.

The side effects start surfacing years after an individual has smoked cigarettes. Nonetheless, here are some side effects which would affect a smoker, some time or another:

tobacco smoking side effects

Issues with the Digestive Tract

First of all, tobacco smoke contains harmful carcinogens which cause trouble in the digestive tract, thereby leading to heartburn and increased acid production. The smoke is also known to disturb the pancreas which are meant to aid in the digestion process. If you smoke regularly, you can easily fall prey to Crohn’s disease and even have pancreatic cancer. Occurrence of peptic ulcers is also common for smokers.

Blood Circulation Issues

When you smoke continuously, your blood becomes thicker and this in turn hampers the natural ability of the human body to deliver energy to all parts of the body. As your blood circulation is weak, your heart pumps harder leading to high blood pressure. The body then simply reduces the flow of energy to certain body parts such as the hair follicles, toes fingers and the skin to reduce the pressure on your heart.

Bad Skin and Hair

A long term smoker would always have patches on his/her skin. Your skin also becomes wrinkled and your skin has several discolored patches, which look ugly. At times, even your hair goes dry and brittle and is quite difficult to manage. In severe cases, your hair may simply start to fall, leaving bald patches on your head.

Bones Become Weak

Over a period of time, the bones of chain smokers are known to get weak. As the toxic smoke from tobacco makes it exceedingly difficult to supply oxygen as well as vital nutrients to different parts of the body, your bones and teeth tend to become weaker and you may suffer from osteoporosis. In case of a fracture, your bone would take twice the time as a normal human being’s, to heal.

Problems with the Respiratory Tract

The most adversely affected part of the human body is the respiratory tract. All the chemicals and toxins which emit from tobacco smoke are accumulated in the respiratory tract of the human body. This adversely affects the lungs and the throat. This leads to the cancer of the throat and the lungs. Besides, the development of mucus leads to persistent cough, thereby damaging the lungs permanently.

So, if you really wish to live longer and enjoy a healthy life, you need to quit smoking today. In fact, you can now quit tobacco by using the easiest and safest smoking device, which also enjoys the highest success rate in the world—electronic cigarette.