There was a time when tobacco ruled the world of smoking and there was no chance of any other product even coming close to dismantling its crown. Nonetheless, in recent times, the emergence of electronic cigarettes has given rise to a product which just about each and every smoker wishes to adopt. As a result, the electronic cigarettes now appear all set to overtake the once unshakable tobacco industry. So, what are the main reasons why electric cigarettes have become a serious threat to the tobacco industry and are all set to overtake it in a massive way?

The first and foremost reason why the electric cigarettes are being preferred by smokers worldwide is because they do not contain tobacco. As you all may be well aware, tobacco smoke is a silent killer and is known to affect hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide. As per a research, tobacco smoke kills 5 million people in the United States alone. This is an alarming figure. E cigarettes on the other hand, do not contain tobacco at all. This is what makes them safer than the traditional regular cigarettes. With the absence of tobacco, smokers can be rest assured that e cigarettes are not going to cause the damage which is usually linked to tobacco cigarettes.

Secondly, an e cigarette is completely devoid of smoke. As there is no tobacco content in an electric cigarette, the chance of smoke is impossible. At the same time, these devices do not require the need for a match and use a rechargeable battery to operate. So, the absence of matches also ensure that you are able to save money as well as preserve the environment by minimizing the loss of trees that are required to manufacture matches. This is undoubtedly good for the environment as well. Nonetheless, the fact remains that these non polluting devices are also good for the environment as a whole. Tobacco smoke on the other hand emits several harmful carcinogens in the atmosphere including the fatal carbon dioxide gas. This aggravates the issue pertaining to global warming.

E cigarettes have, without a shadow of a doubt, managed to ensure that chain smokers from the world over are offered a suitable alternative to the harmful smoking method involving tobacco. This is apparently the main reason why smokers in their millions are making a permanent switch to smoking e cigs rather than the regular ones. The winner therefore is an E Cigarette.

To get your hands on the best e cig and to join the crusade against a tobacco free world, switch to e cigarettes instead of the regular ones TODAY.