Tobacco is harmful for your health and the biggest problem which chain smokers who smoke tobacco regularly face is undoubtedly ‘quitting cigarettes’ that are filled with tobacco. The desire to smoke tobacco is so great that this addiction at times proves fatal for those who smoke and also for those who act as passive smokers. Let us now discus the top five dangers of smoking tobacco cigarettes:

Cardiac Arrest

Tobacco smoking often leads to cardiac arrests. If you compare this with the chances of contracting lung cancer, then smokers smoking tobacco are prone to heart attacks more often. Even cigarettes that are relatively low in tar would never really reduce your chances of suffering from a cardiac arrest as the filters fitted in these cigarettes often force you to smoke more carbon monoxide. Hence, cigarettes using filters are even more deadly as compared to cigarettes which do not make use of filters.

Cancer of the Lungs

Tobacco smoke contains several carcinogens which are considered to be harmful for your health. These chemicals can lead to cancer and are undoubtedly harmful for your lungs. Although it takes some time for these chemicals to cause lung cancer, those smokers who develop this disease are known to die rather early.

Chronic Emphysema

The third major disease which is caused by tobacco smoking is Emphysema, which in turn causes your lungs to lose their elasticity. This disease mainly affects those smokers who have been known to smoke heavily. When your lungs lose their elasticity, they are unable to remove the dirty air, which in turn gets blocked within your respiratory tract. So when you up in the morning you often feel irritable and have trouble breathing normally. At times, smokers suffer from chronic bronchitis as this condition starts to worsen.

Quick Aging

Tobacco smokers are known to age rather fast and the aging process is clearly visible in the form of wrinkles on the skin. As per several researches, the wrinkle content in smokers is five times greater than the wrinkles in people who do not smoke tobacco cigarettes. Occurrence of bad breath as well as yellow teeth is a clear indicator that even teenagers have started to age rather early by simply smoking tobacco.

Multiple Organ Failure

When you smoke regularly, you tend to damage your body tissues to a great extent. This in turn leads to several chronic diseases. Some of these include damage of the gums, cancer of the kidney, cataract, pneumonia, and pancreatic infection, cancer of the cervical region as well as infection in the blood stream.

So, without a shadow of a doubt, you should quit smoking tobacco if you wish to lead a healthy and a disease free life.