In a recent development, the United States Transport Department proposed a ban on smoking electronic cigarettes while on board a flight. Although this ban is applicable to only those flights which are concerned with the United States airspace, it has created quite a stir in the smoking community.

Without a shadow of a doubt, only those individuals who wished to smoke desperately and those that simply could not apply breaks on their smoking urges actually seek such an alternative. Nonetheless a ban would imply that even smoke-free cigarettes such as an e cig, would not be able to satisfy the basic needs of heavy chain smokers. This, as per millions of smokers, is a real bad move on the part of the government.

Roger, a chain smoker, who had made a permanent switch from smoking tobacco to e cigarettes, argues, “Why should a ban be implemented on smoking tobacco free cigarettes while I am on board a flight? These devices neither cause smoke, nor do they pollute the environment in any way. Besides, they do not even contain tobacco. I do not agree with the prospect of banning e cigarettes while I am flying…it is an irrational and impractical move.” Many agree with what Roger has to say. Especially those smokers, who simply cannot resist smoking a cigarette and cannot hope to wait for hours to de-board a flight and then rush out to smoke their cherished e cigarettes, would be most at the receiving end.

Nonetheless, this is just a proposition and has not yet been finalized by the United States government. While it is meeting widespread criticism from all corners of the globe, the fact remains that unless and until the government takes into account the present law, they would never really be able to justify their proposition.

As per the law, a device which does not emit smoke and which simply cannot be charged with polluting the environment, or one which does not contain tobacco, simply cannot be termed harmful and thus, banned from being used in public. This is also applicable to flights. Electric cigarettes completely qualify under this banner and this is one of the main reasons why people from across the globe, especially chain smokers, are of the opinion that this proposed ban on smoking e cigs while flying is not at all a valid point.

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