Who does not wish to have blast this holiday season? If there is any one in this world who would like to sulk and whine this holiday season, it is time he/she owes up and raises his/her hand right here in public. Well, jokes apart, each and every one of us has that holiday spirit buried deep within our bosom, which at times comes out spontaneously, or at times, it needs a little prompting from the appropriate sources, to show up and express its true colors with a pleasant smile. Taking cue from the above statement, the concept of smoking cigarettes is centuries old and it certainly needs a special mention in the holiday season. This is when you start to wonder as to which gift shall be best suited for your smoker friend.

V2 Cigs Holiday Gifting Ideas

The Perfect X’Mas Gift

V2 Cigs electronic cigarette brand has the apt answer to the question of providing the perfect holiday gift to smoking enthusiasts. According to V2 Cigs reviews, the most ideal way of pleasing your dear ones is to gift them what they like the most. In simpler words, it is best suited to gift a smoking enthusiast a basic starter kit, as that would allow him/her to get the real feel of electronic cigarettes. This is especially a good gifting idea when the recipient happens to be a regular smoker and he/she is seeking a suitable alternative to traditional tobacco filled devices that are quite capable of harming him/her in the longer run. V2 Cigs in store is capable of meeting all your gifting requirements in a jiffy. You can gift from a wide array of V2Cigs starter kits, e cigarette accessories and other tit-bits that are related to this smokeless niche.

V2 Cigs Coupon Code Free Shipping

While V2 Cigs e cigarettes are gaining immense popularity because of their ability to satisfy the smoking needs of people from all corners of the globe, the fact remains that during the X’mas season, you have the option of availing free shipping facility that is being provided by this best selling e cig brand. You simply need to ensure that you place your Christmas gift before the 17’th of December by 3:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) in a bid to avail the free shipping offer, wherein your gift shall be dispatched with the aid of priority mail. Hence, you save your hard earned money by availing free shipping and you also manage to get the gift of your choice.

V2 Cigs Review Gifting Ideas

While V2 Cigs electric cigarette brand has several goodies up its sleeve in the form of perfect gifting ideas, the starter kits here are undoubtedly the most promising items in the gifting list. This statement has been backed by several e cigarette reviews.  If your beloved friend happens to be a regular smoker, you may gift him/her a standard kit, which in turn costs a meager $64.95 and is capable of taking care of all the vitals smoking aspects of such smokers. This kit contains a manual battery, an automatic battery, a wall adaptor, a user manual, 10 flavored cartridges and a brand new smart charger.

On the other hand, if your friend is a heavy smoker, he/she should ideally be gifted with a V2 Ultimate Starter Kit. This kit is pegged at $159.95 and it contains three batteries, twenty five flavored cartridges, a manual, a wall adaptor, a brand new lanyard, a brand new metal carry case, a smart charger, a 2 amp car adaptor, a power cig and a new portable charging case. Hence, both categories of smokers have the option of availing starter kits that are ideally suited for them. Alternatively, the V2 Portable Charging Case XL is also an ideal gifting choice as it allows smoking enthusiasts to charge their batteries for up to 8 times, in a single go. This case costs a meager $59.95 and it is ergonomically designed.

V2 Cigs Store Locator on the Web

The biggest advantage of opting for the V2 Cigs e cigs is the ability to locate their online stores in a jiffy. If you need more information on a particular product that is worth gifting and is available in the V2 store, all you need to do is simply take some time out and browse through the V2 cigs reviews that have been posted on several authority review websites and gather more information on the product of your choosing. Thereafter, you can click through the links provided in the review section and reach the brand’s main webpage. Even the V2 Cigs forum has a lot of information pertaining to the gifting ideas of your choice and hence, whenever you find time, you can always participate in their forums and gather vital inputs pertaining to the perfect Christmas gifting ideas.

Why Choose E Cigarettes as Gifts?

While we have discussed the primary gifting ideas that can actually work wonders in permitting you to avail that ‘special gift’ for your beloved or your cherished friend during Christmas, have you ever wondered why you should opt for an electronic cigarette starter kit or an e cig accessory as your perfect gifting idea this holiday season? Well, the answer to this question is very simple indeed and it also happen to be a positive cause to ensure that smoking enthusiasts are able to satisfy their smoking urge without having to fall prey to the numerous fatal diseases that are always linked to cigarette smoking.

Hence by gifting an electric cigarette starter kit, you are actually doing your smoking friend a big favor by introducing him to a smoking device that is virtually free from second hand smoke as well as the thousands of harsh chemicals that are always present in tobacco cigarettes. Hence, in case any one of your family members happens to be a smoker and you aspire to have him/her quit smoking and switch over to a relatively safer option, you can always gift him/her an e cig starter kit this holiday season and bring about the positive change that you always aspired to experience.