V2 Cigs electronic cigarette is considered to be the world’s most reputed, most popular and the most respected brand of e cigarettes today. It has also been noticed that smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe throng the several online stores to get hold of the starter kits as well as electric cigarette accessories that this brand manufactures. Apparently, they all wish to make use of the best e-smoking devices in the international market.

While V2 Cigs e cigs have indeed managed to revamp their earlier products by sprucing and spicing them up, they have also introduced several new products, in a bid to fulfill the basic as well as advanced needs of smokers. Once such introduction happens to be the launch of the V2 Cigs Standard Plus Kit.

V2 Cigs E-Cigarette Starter Kit

The V2 Cigs Standard Plus starter kit has all the essential ingredients that a smoker requires and the kit has all those components that are present in the Standard Kit. The only addition is the V2 Portable Charging Case. This is a special case that is meant to keep your batteries safe and protected even while you are traveling from one place to another. The V2 Standard Plus kit also contains a smart charger, which in turn has the ability to re-charge your battery at warp speed (at least twice as fast when compared to a normal charger) and it also saves your battery from being overcharged.

The Components

The V2Cigs electric cigarette starter kit is meant for those smoking enthusiasts who are always on the move. The kit contains a V2 automatic battery, a manual battery, a portable charging case, a pack of ten flavored cartridges, a wall adaptor, a smart charger and a user manual. This kit also permits smoking enthusiasts to relish the taste of several delicious flavors that includes four different varieties of tobacco flavors, peppermint, vanilla, chocolate and mint. Even cherry and menthol e cigarette flavors are available for smoking enthusiasts.

The V2 Cigs Coupon Code

The V2 Cigs coupon code is not readily available in the online stores, yet several electronic cigarette websites such as Tech-Cigarette allow smoking enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of  relishing the true flavors of e cig smoking by allowing them to avail a 10% discounted pricing on the same. The Standard Plus starter kit is priced at $99.95 and those smokers, who managed to avail the 10% discount, are eligible for a further discount of $9.95.

2 cigs standard plus starter kit

 The V2 Accessory List

Along with this starter kit, smokers can avail several choices. From cartridges, batteries, cases to accessories, smoking enthusiasts have a lot to choose from, while opting for this kit. While opting for cartridges, smoking enthusiasts can opt for either a zero nicotine strength cartridge or a full fledged 18mg flavored cartridge. The batteries are available in four attractive colors and they are available in either long, short or the standard sizes. You can also choose from amidst the auto switch option or the manual switch option, with special regards to the battery selection. You can choose your personal charging case, which is available in three attractive colors. Finally, the much needed accessory in the form of the V2 Charging Kit is already made available along with this starter kit.

Basic Usage Information

The V2 cartridges have two major components. The first is the battery and the second one is the cartridge. The electronic cigarette cartridge consists of propylene glycol, water as well as the required flavoring. The cartridges contain atomizers that are built-in along with the e cigarette, owing to which, the need for cleaning the cartridge each time you opt for a new refill, is not required. This kit supplies the standard battery only, which in turn is available in the automatic as well as the manual switch options and it is 79mm in length.

The V2 Cigs E Cig Battery and Cartridge Replacement

Each V2Cigs flavored cartridge has ample e-liquid for permitting smoking enthusiasts to puff over 200 times at a single go. In order to gauge that a refill cartridge has finished, you shall experience a burnt taste and the vapor that you inhale, shall also become weak. When this happens, you simply need to throw the spent cartridge and replace it with a fresh cartridge instead. In fact, when the battery is spent and needs a recharge, the special light-switch, located on the battery would start to blink, thereby indicating you to recharge your battery. You can either finish your battery in a single day or you can finish your battery in a week, which in turn is completely dependant on how often you puff on your e cigs. The charging time is approximately two hours or even less.

The V2 Cigs Electric Cigarette Portable Charging Case

The V2 Cigs e cigarette has also included a special portable charging case along with their popular Basic Plus Starter Kit. This case is symbolic to you carrying an electrical device within your own trouser pocket. This case is very light in weight and it is also very small and hence, very convenient to conceal and carry. You need to realize that this special charging case can recharge your V2 battery up to four times before requiring a recharge. The case can also carry one short and a standard battery along with two flavored cartridges. The XL batteries cannot be fitted within this carry case. You also have the options of choosing from amidst white, graphite and stainless steel colors, which opting for your portable charging case.

V2 Cigs Battery Life

If you follow the V2 Cigs forum, you shall realize that the shelf-life of the batteries manufactured by this brand is very high. In simpler terms, if you handle your batteries carefully, there is no doubt that they can last you a lifetime with utmost ease.

V2 Cigs Review

The V2 Cigs review at tech-cigarette has also stated that the overall quality of the materials used while manufacturing the Standard Kit are high. Even online V2 Cigs retailers have stated that the new Standard Plus Starter Kit has all the essential ingredients which a serious smokers actually requires.


The main aim of launching the Standard Plus Starter Kit was to fulfill the demands of those smoking enthusiasts who preferred using the standard kit but were often on the move, owing to which, they were unable to recharge their batteries on a periodical basis. With the inclusion of the Portable Charging Case, this problem has been resolved.