As per the V2 Cigs review, it has been officially stated that the Express Starter Kit is undoubtedly the smallest as well as the most affordable starter kits in the V2 Cigs product line. As per the company spokespersons, this kit is undoubtedly best suited for those people who are trying electronic cigarettes for the very first time. In fact, smokers who wish to add another starter kit to their existing collection prefer including his kit in their arsenal.


Components of the V2Cigs Express Kit

V2 Cigs Express Kit

V2 Cigs Express Kit

V2 Cigs reviews at have categorically stated that the Express Kit is undoubtedly the most user friendly product to have been manufactured by the world’s leading e cigarette manufacturing brand. This kit includes a standard V2 battery, which also has an automatic switch, a special V2 flavored cartridge and a brand new express charger. The specially designed mini charger has a micro chip installed within its device, which in turn enables you to charge your battery at warp speed. In fact, this charger is twice as fast as the old chargers. The smart charger also has a special chip which helps avoid overcharging.


Flavors and Strengths


The above listed electronic cigarette accessories are considered apt for meeting the demands of smoking enthusiasts with utmost ease. In fact, even a heavy smoker would feel at ease after making use of this kit as he is able to fulfill all his smoking requirements without having to opt for a more advanced starter kit. The best selling Red American Tobacco and Menthol flavors are available along with this starter kit. You also have the ability to include the flavor sampler to this kit, in a bid to avail several other delicious flavors such as Congress, Chocolate, Sahara, Vanilla, Coffee, Peppermint and Cherry. The available nicotine strengths in this kit are full, medium and light.


The price of this kit is a meager $29.95, which in turn ensures that even the budget conscious smokers do not feel the pinch while opting for it. The V2 Cigs review posted on various leading websites have highlighted the finer points of the V2 Express Kit. While this product has recently been launched by the V2 Cigs brand, it has indeed managed to win the hearts of smoking enthusiasts the world over.