V2 Cigs is undoubtedly the most popular electronic cigarette brand in the world. After having succeeded in topping the e cigarette charts for over a year, this brand has indeed managed to win the hearts of millions of smoking enthusiasts the world over. The latest introduction in the V2 Cigs manufacturing process is their new and improved packaging mechanism. Ever since the website got a transformation, with regards to the new front page design, the response which this electronic cigarette brand has received via the online visitors, has been unprecedented and undoubtedly overwhelming.

V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette New Packaging Mechanism

V2 Cigs review posted at several top e cigarette review websites including Tech-Cigarette.com has revealed that the new packaging system at V2Cigs has indeed transformed the overall appearance of the products manufactured by this brand. Owing to the advancement in the packaging procedures, it has been noticed that smokers are particularly happy when they receive their freshly ordered starter kits as well as electric cigarette accessories. The packaging is now chic and stylish and the moment you open the box, which in turn contains your favorite starter kit, you shall be really impressed and undoubtedly left with an everlasting smile on your face.


The new packs of the starter kits are designed in such a manner that all the cartridges can be tucked into a single place, thereby saving space and allowing you to have more control over your smoking accessories. The new packs are streamlined and they also have a special column, wherein you can take a note of the expiration dates of your cartridges. In order to maintain the hygiene of these e cig cartridges, each one is packed in a neat and clean foil. The special foil is designed to keep your cartridges hygienic, safe from environmental pollution and it also adds freshness to your refill cartridges at all times.