V2 Cigs brand of electronic cigarettes is considered to be the best in this business. In fact, this brand has been dominating this niche for the past one year. While this brand is well known across the globe, very recently, the website of V2 Cigs has undergone a tremendous makeover, thereby making it the most intuitive website. According to the user reviews, it has been noticed that this website is relatively easy to use and it has an interface, which allows even a new visitor to locate what he/she is on the lookout for, with utmost ease.

V2 Cigs Website Home Page 

Besides the change in the user interface, the new website design also has ample scope for those individuals who are seeking the requirement to choose products that are specific for their needs. For example, you can choose starter kits, e cigarette accessories, e cig liquids, batteries, flavored cartridges and much more, without having to click on several connecting links to reach to your target. It has also been noticed that even as you access the new website, you have the ability to allow the website to develop a starter kit, which is streamlined to meet your personalized needs. In a nutshell, the new site literally develops your personal starter kit in front of your very own eyes.


This electric cigarette website is designed to take your inputs pertaining to the nicotine levels that you aspire to consume and the flavors that you like. Thereafter, a starter kit matching your inputs is ready and you simply need to pick it up. It is that simple! In fact, once you have either selected your starter kit or developed it using the interactive interface, you can also come to know the exact man hours that would be needed to ship the product to your place. Hence, you never really have to wonder whether your order is in a pending shipment status or whether it has already been dispatched.


Most electronic cigarette review websites have praised the new website design as well as the user friendly interface that V2Cigs has carefully designed. Besides, the site also displays several combo offers as well as discounted deals. These can be availed and the concerned user can save his/her hard earned money in the act.