The V2 Cigs electronic cigarette brand has become very popular all across the globe and it has also started being considered the most successful e cig brand in the international market in the year 2013. Not only has the V2 Cigs e cigarette brand been considered America’s most favorite brand, it has also been ranked the best brand by none other than The main reason behind the immense popularity of this brand is the ability of its management to churn out new and innovative e cig starter kits as well as electronic cigarette accessories at regular intervals.

V2 Cigs ties up with the National Tobacco Company 

It has been noticed that the management of V2 Cigs has been introducing new and innovative electronic cigarette starter kits as well as accessories after keeping in mind the feedbacks received from customers. Apparently, this is why their products have always managed to attract the likes of most smoking enthusiasts who are planning to make a switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes. In a very recent development, V2 Cigs e cigs has decided to tie up with the National Tobacco Company, in a bid to further expand its operations.


It has also been noticed that the National Tobacco Company is known to promote the highly popular Zig-Zag® and Beech-Nut® brands. The main aim behind this merger is the production of new and advanced electronic cigarette products that can be promoted and distributed in a more systematic manner. The V2Cigs disposable is supposed to be redesigned and then sold along with the V2 express kit, as the initial part of this exercise. Even talks are on to make some changes to the already popular V2 cartridges.


The new and innovative disposables that would be launched under this banner are stated to be the most advanced and very similar in look as well as in feel, to the traditional cigarettes. Hence, they are bound to be appealing to smokers. The products that shall be released under this merger shall be released in the NATO show, which in turn shall take place in Las Vegas. By offering competitive pricings on its products, the V2 Cig brand hopes to enhance and further strengthen its popularity status and ensure that it remains as the top contending brand in the years to come.


By affiliating with the National Tobacco Company, V2 Cigs e cigarette brand has ensured that it shall be increasing its visibility in the international smoking niche by presenting itself in television, radios as well as print advertising mediums. Besides, it is a well known fact that the National Tobacco Company boasts of a wide distribution and advertising channel that shall help V2 Cigs reach new heights of success in the year 2013.