Vaping is a term, which is used to denote those smokers who puff electronic cigarettes instead of smoking the traditional tobacco filled cigars. In the last three years, it has been noticed that millions of smoking enthusiasts, which also include die hard chain smokers, have quit smoking regular cigarettes and have chosen to puff electric cigarettes instead. So, why is this trend picking speed and why are smokers quitting regular cigarettes with each passing day?

To know the answer, simply read on:

Vaping Ensures Tobacco Free Smoking- By far, the biggest advantage of opting for an e cigarette is the ability to smoke cigarettes without having to consume tobacco in return. In simpler words, an e cig is a device which is electronically operated and is devoid of tobacco. This is why it is a perfect medium for allowing a smoker to enjoy the thrill of smoking cigarettes in a suitable manner. Hence, smokers nowadays vape instead of smoking cigars.

Vaping is Chemical Free- The second advantage of opting for an e cig is the absence of harsh chemicals in the device. It has been noticed that smokers the world over are really worried about the toxic chemicals which are usually present in a regular cigarette. This is why most smokers are of the opinion that quitting cigarettes is the best available option. Electric cigarettes are devices which are free from the harsh chemicals. This is one of the main reasons why smokers the world over prefer puffing these devices.

They are Smokeless- As compared to tobacco cigarettes which are known the world over for emitting clouds of smoke when lit; an electronic cigarette is supposedly a smokeless device. This is why an e cig does not require the use of a match. As no smoke emits while vaping, these devices are also considered environment friendly in nature. The absence of carbon monoxide gas makes e cigs rather appealing to those people who really care for their environment.

Freedom to Smoke- Nowadays, most cigarette manufacturers have banned the usage of traditional cigarettes in public places. Nonetheless, the fact remains that an electric cigarette can be smoked almost anywhere. Regardless of whether you are traveling in a train, shopping in a mall, eating sushi in your favorite restaurant or watching a movie in a cinema hall, you have the privilege of puffing an electronic cigarette.

No Second Hand Smoke- Traditional cigarettes have been known to be troublesome products as they release toxic fumes into the atmosphere. This is why most passive smokers suffer from chronic ailments such as cancer, cardiac arrests as well as respiratory tract infections on a regular basis. Nonetheless, e cigarettes are smokeless and they do not emit second hand smoke. This is why these smokeless devices are preferred by passive smokers.

Cheaper than Traditional Cigarettes- Last but not the least, an e cigarette is cheaper when compared to a traditional cigarette. If we leave the initial cost of a starter kit apart, then the monthly savings for those who puff electronic cigarettes are in the tune of a whooping 75%.

The above listed reasons have attracted smoking enthusiasts in their millions to quit regular cigarettes and adopt e cigarettes instead. The number of vaping enthusiasts has grown four folds.