It is official that the Labor Day was celebrated in style and Vapor Couture brand of electronic cigarettes was never far behind when it came to expressing gratitude with regards to ensuring that e cig lovers were provided with starter kits as well as e cigarette accessories at attractive discounted rates. On this occasion, women smokers had the privilege of sampling the numerous starter kits, accessories as well as specially designed clutches and ensure that they end up availing a flat 15% discount on the same.

Vapor Couture Labor Day Sale offers 15% Off 

Vapor Couture reviews at too have clearly stated that smoking enthusiasts the world over have indeed expressed their gratitude in being allowed to relish a flat 15% discount on all products on the occasion of Labor Day. While the sale was on September 3’rd, the reports of its success has been officially released now, owing to which, posting a write-up about the same became a necessity. According to the official sources tracking the performance of this e cigarette sales bonanza, it was clarified that this sale was indeed a best seller of sorts and undoubtedly very successful.


The Vapor Couture cartridges were selling like hot cakes (available in packs of 40, 5 and 20) on this day and so were the colored cartridges. Apparently, women smoking enthusiasts expressed their sheer delight on being able to avail a pack of 40 cartridges for a meager $63.71 instead of the regular price of $74.95. The VC Clutch was also one of the highlighted products, which was sold a lot during this day. Most e cigarette fans who opted for the clutch were a happy lot as instead of paying the normal price of $44.95, they needed to pay a meager $38.21 only.


Mandy Riches, a happy Vapor Couture customer went on to say, “I was thrilled on purchasing a VC Clutch on Labor Day as it allowed me to save a lot of money and it also allowed me to store my credit cards as well as my ID cards with utmost ease. This is of course, after I had stowed my favorite starter kit in it.”