Vapor Couture is an electronic cigarette brand, which is solely involved in manufacturing e cigarettes, which include starter kits and e cig accessories, for women smokers only. Hence, this brand is exclusively meant to handle the demands of female smoking enthusiasts from all over the world and ensure that their requirements are being met with firmly and promptly. This is one of the main reasons why smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe have been known to prefer puffing on VC starter kits rather than any other brand. Without a shadow of a doubt, this brand is a sub-set of America’s number one brand.

Vapor Couture Halloween Sale- 20% Off 

Vapor Couture has now stated that it would be celebrating Halloween Day by offering a flat 20% discount on all its starter kits and e cigarette accessories. Hence, the Vapor Couture clutch, which originally cost $44.95, would only be costing you a meager $35.96. In fact, even the 5 pack cartridge has been scaled down from $12.95 to a highly affordable $10.36. The 20% off has undoubtedly attracted the likes of both veteran smokers as well as those smoking enthusiasts who are trying their hands with e cigs for the very first times. Even electric cigarette reviews have categorically stated that such sales are always preferred by smokers the world over.


Even the Vapor Couture reviews posted at have been known to reveal such attractive discounted deals on a regular basis. The Halloween sale offered by VC offers customers to avail 20% discount on all their products. At the same time, you also have the additional benefit to enter the special Halloween content, which in turn entitles you to win a free VC starter kit. Just send your photograph when you are donning your Halloween costume at the V2 Facebook fan page. If your snap is selected as a clear winner by the VC team, then a free starter kit shall be dispatched to your doorstep, completely free of any charge.


Those of you who are not aware of Vapor Couture Halloween Sale, should always try and avail the 20% flat discount while is all set to exist till 31’th October. Halloween is a western Christian concept of feasting for All Hallows, which in turn happens to represent “all saints”. Costume parties, carving a face out of a pumpkin and paying a visit to haunted places, is all a part and parcel of the Halloween Day. Nonetheless, please do remember that if you want to win a free starter kit from VC, you need to dress up in your best “trick and treat” costume and post it onto the V2 Facebook fan-page. You never know- you may be the next recipient for a free starter kit from VC.