Vapor Couture electronic cigarette brand is the only brand which manufactures e cigarettes as well as relevant electric cigarette accessories for women. Hence, it can be stated that this is an exclusive brand that has been initiated to ensure that female smokers are given their due, with regards to getting their hands onto smokeless cigarettes that are designed to appeal to the fairer sex. While discussing this electronic cigarette brand, it is vital that we pay more attention towards the starter kits manufactured here. One such starter kit, which deserves a special mention, is the Deluxe Kit.

Vapor Couture Deluxe Starter Kit 

The Deluxe starter kit manufactured by Vapor Couture offers a wide range of electric cigarette products as well as accessories to female smokers. This starter kit is equipped with two automatic batteries, two (five) packs of flavor cartridges, a wall charger, a VC clutch, a mini smart charger, a user manual and a VC bracelet with a specially designed charm. While opting for this starter kit, women smokers have the privilege of choosing from amongst three clutch colors. You also have the option of choosing your battery colors, from amidst four attractive color combinations.


Vapor Couture review posted at Tech-Cigarette has also clearly stated that this e cigarette brand lays special attention towards female smoking enthusiasts. This is why the Deluxe Starter Kit includes a special VC clutch as well as a bracelet. Experts are of the opinion that you should fully charge the battery once you have opened the Deluxe Kit. The battery has an indicator light which tells you when the battery has been fully charged. The battery turns green from red when the battery is fully charged.


When you attach the cartridge by screwing it to the battery, you need to puff deeply a couple of times so as to ensure that the e-liquid present within the cartridge is fully heated. This e cig starter kit is also equipped with refill cartridges which are capable of providing almost 200 puffs in a single go. The price of the Deluxe Starter Kit is pegged at $129.95, which in turn allows even the budget conscious women smokers to get their hands onto it without disrupting their monthly budget in any way.