Vapor Couture review has always stated that this brand has been put in place just so that women smokers from all over the globe are able to satisfy their smoking urges in the most appropriate manner. The Vapor Couture brand of electronic cigarettes has been custom made to ensure that women smoking enthusiasts are always able to feel at ease while trying our e cigs.

Vapor Couture Passion Fruit Flavor 

As per the Vapor Couture reviews, it has been revealed that the Essential Starter Kit manufactured by this brand has become a best selling variety of sorts. If we take a closer look at the kit then we would realize that it includes two automatic batteries, one wall charger, two- five packs of flavored cartridges, one user manual as well as one mini smart charger. This e cigarette starter kit is fairly easy to use, as all you need to do is plug the battery into the cartridge and start to puff.


The biggest advantage of opting for this kit is the ability to customize this starter kit with special regards to the colors as well as the flavors. Once you have screwed the battery onto your chosen flavored cartridge, you can simply draw air through the cartridge and relish the nicotine hit, which is delivered via the automatic battery. Just remember that initially, you would need to provide a few small puffs to your e cig before puffing really long. This helps the battery get triggered in an appropriate manner.


This electric cigarette kit is considered a boon for women smokers as it has been designed for females. The color combinations, the nicotine flavors as well as the accessories have all been designed keeping the tastes as well as choices of female smoking enthusiasts in mind. The e-liquid consists of flavors, propylene glycol, as well as water. It also contains nicotine levels and some are nicotine-free varieties as well.


Another advantage which women have while making use of these cartridges is that as each battery has its own distinct atomizer, the question of changing or cleaning it, does not arise. Hence, these stylish and colorful e cigarettes are undoubtedly a boon for women smoking enthusiasts.